Steps of Faith

Steps of Faith


Faith’s family is shocked when she decides to move away from the comforts of the big city to work with children and animals in a small rural town. While Faith may be following her dream, she knows deep inside that she has no business working on a farm. She encounters challenge after challenge, but she’s determined to prove everyone wrong in spite of herself. After a child is nearly injured due to her shortcomings as a farm girl, Faith finally cracks under the pressure of struggle to find her place in the world and God’s plan for her life.

Dove Review

Steps of Faith is a hippotherapy riding center in Red Springs, Texas.

Faith is also the name of the young woman in this movie who takes her own surprising steps of faith to follow a call from God on her life. Faith Houston doesn’t consider herself a church girl, or even someone who’s pre-disposed to hearing God’s voice. But when she is convinced she hears direction from God on her heart to serve the animals and children of a therapeutic riding stable, she obeys with determination. This brave move ignites a delightful adventure through which we witness Faith overcome all kinds of challenges, both physical and emotional.

The film is well directed and acted, and it challenges us in a gentle way to rethink even our own religious biases. Your whole family will enjoy Steps of Faith, filled with strong character lessons and a sweet romance all wrapped in an uplifting family story of love.

Content Description

Faith: The pastors and church community are central to the story. Faith's family is driven by their faith, and her own relationship with God is the core driver.
Integrity: The cast acts out of their standards characterized by a solid walk with Jesus.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Steps Of Faith, LLC
Director: M. Legend Brown
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 90 min.