A Heart That Forgives

DVD Release: May 1, 2018
A Heart That Forgives


Follow two foster brothers that choose very different paths. Malcolm follows his father’s footsteps and begins pastoring a small church, while Silk follows a dark road, seeking redemption when it’s convenient. The brothers and their circle of friends are caught up in a web of life situations and circumstances the force them towards decisions of forgiveness or bitterness that will impact the rest of their lives.

Dove Review

Forgiveness is what this movie is all about! This faith-friendly film focuses on real-life issues. A father that was abusive lies near death, and his adult daughter harbors a strong grudge against him. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him? Two men raised together have taken different paths. Malcolm (Mario Mims) becomes a pastor; Silk (C. Malik Whitfield) a drug dealer. Silk occasionally turns to Malcolm and begs him to “cover me with your prayers.” But Silk is not ready to forsake his old life and habits. Or is he? When a tragic event grabs his attention and forces him to look at his life right in its ugly face, he realizes the road he is on is about to kill him. Can he change? Can God help him to change?

Another subplot features the struggles of a married couple. This movie has a strong heartbeat in the realm of faith, although it contains several scenes of drinking, a few scenes of a man smoking, drug dealing and comments about marijuana, in addition to some violence. It realistically portrays the shady side of life, but it offers a strong redemptive hope in Christ. We are awarding it our Faith-Based Seal for 18 and older, with a caution for content. The power of repentance and forgiveness is nicely portrayed in this movie.

Content Description

Faith: The movie contains a strong message of forgiveness and salvation, and several people pray for others.
Integrity: A pastor accepts some money from a drug dealer to buy himself nice clothes, but he apologizes to his congregation for accepting the money; a woman forgives her dad who had verbally abused her as a child.
Sex: A woman tries to come on to a pastor in his office but he rejects her advances.
Language: OMG-2; J-1 (it might be edited out); geez-1;"You're a fool" stated in jest; a black woman calls her pastor "negro" and she seems to do it in a cut-down manner.
Violence: A man chokes his wife on the street, and a man holds a gun on him; a few characters hold guns on other characters; a woman starts to smother a hospital patient with a pillow but stops; a man is shot when a gun is thrown down and goes off and he is seen with blood on his shirt and hands.
Drugs: A man deals drugs; several scenes of drinking beer; a man is holding a bottle of alcohol and is inebriated as he is seen staggering; a comment about a spiked drink in the past; cigarette and cigar smoking; the mention of someone who once was caught with "weed."
Nudity: Cleavage in a few scenes
Other: Tension between characters; tattoos on a few characters


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: M. Legend Brown
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Ed C