I Before Thee

DVD Release: April 9, 2018
I Before Thee


Jeffery Douglas, an out-of-work firemen, is haunted by his past and now must rely on that tragic past to make a decision that will affect his future and the life of his daughter.

Dove Review

This film, inspired by a true story, focuses on the grace of God. It demonstrates that God’s love can go beyond our doubts, fears and anger, and pick us up and lift us higher. Jeffery Douglas lost his beloved wife Jennifer due to complications of childbirth. He gained a daughter but lost a wife, and he hasn’t been the same since. He loves his daughter, who is his only reason for living. When he learns she has leukemia, and she winds up in the hospital, he begins to lose all hope. He takes to drinking and hanging out with a woman with a bad reputation. His friend Bobby, a Christian, coaxes Jeffery to seek God, but Jeffery is bitter. Bobby reminds him that God put us all here for a purpose. When Jeffery experiences a visit from his “angelic” wife, and he sees his daughter in a vision telling him she is going to live, he keeps hope alive. But living might mean something different to them than it did to Jeffery.

There are a few sophisticated themes that point us in the direction of awarding this movie our 12+ Dove Seal. It declares that God’s grace is, well…amazing!

Content Description

Faith: A man encourages another to seek God; the concept of life after death is clearly seen; the idea that God put us here for a purpose is mentioned a few times.
Integrity: A man encourages his friend to not give up and do the right thing and seek God.
Sex: A few couples kiss; it is said a certain woman had an affair with a married man and the married man then divorced; a man goes into the same woman's apartment and kisses her and lies on top of her, fully clothed, and begins to go down her body but when he calls her his deceased wife's name, she tells him to get out.
Language: None
Violence: The sound of a car accident; a man shoves another man; a woman slaps a man.
Drugs: A man drinks a lot including vodka, wine and beer; a bar scene or two; a few comments about drinking or having a drink; man takes a prescription pill.
Nudity: A man is partially seen nude in shower; a woman is seen in a short skirt; mild cleavage
Other: We wish the film had been more clear about faith in Christ and a man that tells God, "You won't get me" does go to heaven after he dies; tension between characters; death and grief; a man puts a gun in his mouth and later to his temple but does not commit suicide.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Aaron Abelto
Director: Aaron Abelto
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 82 min.
Reviewer: Ed C