Fix and Foxi, Season 1

Fix and Foxi, Season 1


Based on the famous German comic strip Fix & Foxi. Fix and Foxi are the likable boys from next door, and everyone wants to be friends with them!

Dove Review

Fix and Foxi, Season 1 is a delightful animated series which includes animals of all sorts, funny plots, and enough friends to help out in a jam for a lifetime. And that is good—Fix and Foxi will probably need all the friends they can get as they find themselves in many sticky situations in this first season of the show. In fact, the opening theme song for the show is titled, “You Are My Friend, I Know.”

Fix and Foxi’s friend, Loophole, has a terrible cold in one episode. But Professor Knox is working on an anti-cold pill. He comes up with a pill that is way too big to take and has some bad side effects, such as floating to the sky and raining (imagination takes on big proportions in this series). In another episode, a canary named Sky escapes from his cage and Fix and Foxi are promised some cake (they love cake) if they can return the canary to its worried owner. And in another plot, Loophole goes skiing and believes if he closes his eyes all will be well. He might have a point as all his troubles begin when he opens them!

Other episodes feature good moral lessons, such as when Makiki, a pet, is blamed for swiping a cake but it wasn’t him. And his mom is big enough to apologize when the true culprits are located. It was nice to watch an episode in which Christmas is celebrated. There are 26 episodes in the first season and several mini-episodes within each episode. They are each sure to delight the kids.

The Dove Take

There are only physical mishaps and mild violent moments played for laughs in the film. The themes of friendship and being honest are commendable. We are pleased to award this funny and imaginative series our Dove Approved All Ages Seal.

Content Description

Faith: Christmas is celebrated in one episode.
Integrity: Several characters want to do the right thing; some children own up to stealing.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Mild physical mishaps such as a few falls, mild violent moments played for laughs
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some children steal a cake but own up to it; tension between a few of the characters; a few characters make mistakes but take ownership for them.


Company: Your Family Entertainment
Writer: Rolf Kauka
Director: Rolf Kauka
Producer: Rolf Kauka
Genre: Children
Runtime: 575 min.
Starring: Rolf Kauka
Reviewer: Ed C