Kid West

DVD Release: June 5, 2018
Kid West


Harper is a precious 12-year-old on the lookout for adventure. Armed with a slingshot and her wits, she strives to right the wrongs in her small community—cowgirl style. She’s on a mission to protect a mystical treasure from falling into the hands of a gang of bullies. By enlisting help from a handful of colorful characters, Harper sets off on an adventure to learn the truth about this local urban legend while rightfully earning the nickname “Kid West.”

Dove Review

Kid West is Harper Cooper’s nickname. She wears a cowgirl hat, is proficient with a slingshot, and loves solving mysteries. Mary Bair, who is terrific as Kid West, has a future in cinema! Her character gets the opportunity to do that very thing when her mother moves them both to Minnesota from Missouri. Harper’s dad, a sheriff, died in the line of duty; subsequently, she endures moments of grieving in the movie. But she meets the local sheriff of the town, and he says he will look out for her. When she works on solving a case involving a stolen museum key, he shares a few clues with her. However, she has to deal with a gang and its leader who stole the key, not to mention a few surprises involving who is behind the theft and just how powerful the stolen key really is. Harper’s Native American friend, Angie Little Sky (Atquetzali Quiroz), helps out.

Kids will love seeing a 12-year-old precocious kid play a hero, in addition to her standing up to the bullies and solving a mystery. We are pleased to award Kid West our Dove Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: A girl wants to do the right thing and solve the mystery of a stolen museum key.
Sex: None
Language: Da*n; for G's sake; dingbat; sucks; wuss, your stupid dad
Violence: A girl hits a few people in the head with a stone from her slingshot, but it is the bad guys she targets; a kid hits girl's bike with a dart; boys are pelted with tomatoes; some kids and a mom are tied up and duct-taped, but they escape; a bad guy shoves his grandson, who in turn hits him with a staff.
Drugs: A character is seen smoking a cigarette in a few scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: Death and grieving; tension between characters; a mom and daughter argue in a few scenes; betrayal; kids break into house to steal items but they are found out; a brief glimpse of a drawing of three men hanging; talk of a curse; a racist comment about Native Americans from the bad guy, but he winds up defeated.


Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Writer: Jesse Mast
Director: Jesse Mast
Producer: Jesse Mast
Genre: Family
Runtime: 63 min.
Reviewer: Ed C