Lucky Dog

DVD Release: July 1, 2018
Lucky Dog


Lucky Dog is a “pawsome” and fun live action movie for the whole family! Lucky’s owner Travis (Bryce Johnson, Pretty Little Liars) is a divorced father of two, dedicated to his great kids, his exciting architectural job, and most of all his dog and best friend, Lucky (voiced by David Deluise). This little family seems to have it all until Travis starts dating a fellow architect named Amber (Boti Bliss, CSI: Miami). To keep everything the same, Lucky normally chases away any woman his master dates. But this time Lucky is blindsided by puppy love for Amber’s dog, Amy (voiced by So You Think You Can Dance‘s Cat Deely). Lucky decided the girls need to stay, but things get ruff when Travis and Amber compete in a design contest and Amber starts to fall for the charms of a seemingly wealthy client. It’s up to Lucky and Amy to get their families under one roof!

Dove Review

Here’s a movie that is funny, light, and even the “serious” moments are not to be taken, well, seriously! Travis Woodsen (Bryce Johnson) is an architect, divorced, and sees his two terrific kids, Jared and Emma, as often as he can. Travis meets fellow architect Amber Miller (Boti Bliss), and the chemistry between them is obvious. Amber takes a liking to the kids, and they like her too. Can it be possible that Travis and his kids can find lasting happiness?

If so, it won’t be easy. Preston Spencer (Grant Bowler), is an oily, wealthy man that pits his architects against one another to design the perfect resort for his resort and spa. He wants to be number one on Catalina. He asks them each to turn in a design; the winner will receive a bonus and granted the position of “partner.” But Spencer takes a liking to Amber, and despite her feelings for Travis he pulls her away to dinner and a ballet. Spencer is a con man—as one character refers to Spencer, “He’s got more cheese than the state of Wisconsin.” When Spencer tells Amber that she wins the competition without him first looking at the designs of the architects, she begins to realize just how cunning and unscrupulous he truly is.

Of course Travis’s dog, Lucky, takes a liking to Amber’s dog, Amy, and David DeLuise and Cat Deeley definitely add great and colorful personalities with their voice work as the two dogs. Travis is fortunate to have Lucky, who is totally loyal and true to his human. Travis says that Lucky is Tonto to his Lone Ranger, and Robin to his Batman. Some of the dialog falls into the category of toilet humor, such as when Lucky winds up at a doggie day care and says, “I smell a new butt.” There are other similar comments such as “Who made a poopy?” But it is difficult not to be charmed by this movie which focuses on comedy, the kids, and the romance. The audience will cheer for Travis and Amber to get together. When young Jared is at a lake and we hear him say, “Fish guts—cool!” most parents will relate to those kinds of moments. In fact, no doubt the adults will enjoy watching this one along with the kids.

The Dove Take: Toilet humor aside, the film features funny moments, kids and dogs, a bit of romance, and some beautiful scenery. What’s not to like? This movie merits our Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: A couple want to win a contest honorably, and they expose a con man.
Sex: Several kissing scenes; one "dog" joke has the audible thoughts of a dog saying, "Sniff her butt" when a man and woman kiss.
Language: Several "butt" comments and dog comments about "sniffing a butt"; a few "geez" comments; "imbecile" and "shut up"
Violence: None
Drugs: A woman drinks wine; a man smokes a cigar.
Nudity: Some beach scenes and kids and adults seen in swimwear; shirtless men; woman in shorts; woman in bikini
Other: Tension between characters; a tattoo on man's arm; a woman is heard getting sick but it is not seen on screen; a mother leaves her two kids with an "internet babysitter" and upon learning this their angry dad comes to pick them up; a man is arrested for being a jewel thief.


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Michael Feifer
Genre: Family
Runtime: 87 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.