DVD Release: July 20, 2018


On Christmas Eve, a young inventor completes his new robot operated by artificial intelligence. He removes all restraints on the operating system to give Elfi full potential. Despite the good instructions from his creator, Elfi disobeys and runs away. A chase ensues.

Dove Review

ELFI is a sweet movie that is creatively brought to life in a thrilling and adventurous short film! This new E.T. kind-of-movie has a fresh take. ELFI the robot is made by a genius of a young man, Ricky Bunker, who reprograms ELFI when ELFI goes astray — and he does so by reprogramming it with God’s word and the Ten Commandments.

This wonderful film is innovative, and ELFI is a delight. He has blue-lit eyes, a distinctive voice, and a bit of rebellion in him until Ricky fills him with God’s word. In one scene, when ELFI runs away in the night, Ricky and his younger brother William put on some flying boots and take to the sky to find him. The scene is awesome and features the boys avoiding a plane and a truck in their pursuit. The boys do a fine job with their acting as well.

The Dove Take

This film is a delight to watch, and we commend the filmmakers on a wonderful film which combines a fun viewing experience with a good message. The boys learn how they should not be rebellious to parents just as ELFI learns not to be rebellious to Ricky, his creator. It is a remarkable parallel: God’s servants will take dominion when they follow His commandments and statutes. This one easily earns our Dove Approved for All Ages Seal. ELFI soars as a movie!

Content Description

Faith: A strong faith message and the mention of the Ten Commandments and of following God's word.
Integrity: A boy reprograms a robot to do the right thing.
Sex: None.
Language: None.
Violence: Boys avoiding being hit by a plane, a truck, and getting tangled in a line.
Drugs: None.
Nudity: None.
Other: The robot shows some rebellion and steals some things but changes after he is programmed and declares he is in God's service. He returns the stolen items to the store.


Company: Bunker Family Films
Writer: Adam Bunker
Director: Adam Bunker
Genre: Family
Runtime: 27 min.
Starring: Adelaide Bunker (Age 4), Ricky Bunker (Age 11), William Bunker (Age 9)
Reviewer: Ed C.