A Wizard’s Tale

Theatrical Release: September 14, 2018
DVD Release: September 14, 2018
A Wizard’s Tale


A reluctant hero flies high above the clouds to a magical kingdom where he must find the crystal key in order to lift a spell. Will he be able to ward off the mean-spirited wizard, The Grump, and find the happiness he’s searching for?

Dove Review

A Wizard’s Tale is a fun animated rush of adrenaline! The energetic characters are constantly in motion, and the movie is peppered with several lines of humor which adds to the story. Wizards, dragons, loyal subjects, and all sorts of characters contribute to the adventurous story, including a king and the princess. We must note the potential sensitivity of some families regarding the whole concept of wizards and magic; please proceed accordingly.

Veteran actor Ian McShane adds his remarkable voice to the vivid animation full of bright colors. Older viewers will catch the Austin Powers reference when a female character touches a male character who says, “Don’t touch the merchandise, baby!” In fact, another reference that the adults will catch takes place when a certain character takes a breath of oxygen as smoke-like rings float in the air and the character acts as if high on drugs. It is a brief scene that kids won’t catch, but we want to make sure that parents are aware of it. The pursuit of a crystal key which can restore the lives of the people will keep the viewers watching.

The movie itself deals with a character who was called “Grin” before a tragic event changed his personality, and then he became known as “Grump.” Can anything change him back? Will Terry, removed from his beloved amusement park, ever find his way home? What happens between Princess Dawn and Terry? All of these questions are answered by film’s end.

Speaking of the amusement park, when Terry mentions the park one character wants to know why it is an “amusement” park. “Does it tell jokes?” he asks. Some lively music is also a part of this delightful kids’ film, including a rousing version of Feliz Navidad and an original song about saving the world like Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame. This movie is imaginative, executed well, and features an interesting story about loyalty and friendship.

The Dove Take

The movie does contain a lot of fantasy violence, with characters hitting one another and falling far and getting hurt. Certain creatures deflate like a balloon when they get hit with darts and arrows but are okay after being “patched up.” There are a few references to other characters with comments like, “Dumb buffoons!” and “You fools!” But this is kept to a minimum. This movie will no doubt be enjoyed by many kids for its originality and quirky characters. Parents should consult the content listings to make their own informed decisions, but we are happy to present our Dove-Approved All Ages Seal to the film.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: There are certain characters that are loyal and want to find happiness along with others.
Sex: A princess and male character kiss a few times.
Language: A few comments like "Dumb buffoons"; "You fools"; "Your ice cream sucks"; "You good-for-nothing twerp!"
Violence: Fantasy violence like a creature biting a character in the rear; a dragon's flame scorches a character that survives; characters are hit with darts and arrows but survive; characters fall a great distance from the sky; a spring from a car pops up and smacks a character, but he is okay.
Drugs: A female character seems to get high but she only breathes oxygen in a special container.
Nudity: None
Other: Wizards and Magic. Tension between some characters; an alchemist is found and asked about a "gloomy spell" which keeps a character depressed.


Company: Blue Fox Entertainment
Writer: Jim Hecht
Producer: Fernando de Fuentes, Jose C. Garcia de Letona, Gregory Gavanski, Bill Schultz
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.