The Rack Pack

DVD Release: October 9, 2018
The Rack Pack


A group of military brats play out their own adventures in the woods behind their house. One day, they come across some ruthless thieves searching for buried treasure and decide to find it themselves. But when the thieves take one of their fathers hostage, the kids must set out on a real rescue mission, forming a bond of brotherhood and friendship called The Rack Pack.

Dove Review

The Rack Pack is a fun caper designed for tweens. It revolves around three brothers with a single-parent father who is a military man. They emulate him and seek adventure for themselves with some friends by forming a boys gang of sorts (though one girl is allowed) called The Rack Pack.

Their pretending to be soldiers bonds them to one another, and by facing danger while following their passions, they become real-life heroes. This movie has a definite Home Alone feel, even if the production quality and some of the acting is not as professional as one might hope. Regardless, the film clicks along at a nice pace as the boys set traps and work together to outsmart the bad guys.

This is ultimately an uplifting tale where a cynical and somewhat ruthless townsman named Ted (C. Thomas Howell) convincingly connives and even threatens the kids for getting in his way to a hidden treasure buried somewhere in an underground tunnel. The kids, of course, hope to get to the treasure first.

There is also a patriotic feel to this film as one boy collects war medals and shows great respect for the older men in the film who have served in war, including the father, Rackley (David Shifter). Things take a more serious turn when the thieves become kidnappers. When Rackley ends up in danger, the kids, in full army gear, and using pseudo torture on the kidnappers, work feverishly to rescue him and reunite the family.

The Dove Take

This movie is a throwback to endearing films like Stand by Me and The Outsiders, where young boys band together for a common cause that highlights the power of teamwork and brotherhood. Watching the boys fight in innovative ways for what they love—in the absence of direct adult guidance—could be inspirational and empowering to all young kids.

We award The Rack Pack the Dove-Approved All Ages Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: The boys defy their father by continuing to engage in their dangerous expedition, but the result is the father’s own rescue. All the boys and townspeople are otherwise upstanding citizens that care for others and promote moral choices.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: The boys torture one of the criminals by tying him up, knocking him down, and giving some sort of electric shock by use of a rigged, hand-cranked telephone (meant to add a comic element).
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: There are some tense moments where the boys are traipsing through woods or finding their way through the tunnels, not knowing what is around the corner and fearing an encounter with the bad guys. The music also creates an eerie mood, all of which may not be appropriate for very young viewers.