Bible Bees

Bible Bees


Two little curious bees, Sunny and Petal, are about to have the best time of their lives. Sharing stories is a great pastime, but sharing stories about God is greater than anything. Join in on the fun as they hear awesome story after awesome story about their Holy creator above. You know bumblebees, and you know honeybees; now get ready to meet the Bible Bees.

Dove Review

Bible Bees is a singalong children’s video that follows Sunny and Petal as they travel home after a day full of collecting pollen. Queen Buttercup is so proud of both of them. Soon after Sunny and Petal tell Queen Buttercup about how Bailey the dog helped them find a new clover field, they realized that they forgot to thank Bailey. Chomps the field mouse teaches the two little bees the importance of gratitude from the perspective of the Bible. Their choice to show Bailey their appreciation leads them into a brand new field that they never knew about, and then they realize that their gratitude has led them into more than they ever could have imagined!

Other stories follow that teach the little bees the importance of telling the truth, helping their friends, apologizing for what they’ve done wrong, dealing with surprises and failures, being ignored, being bullied, walking through adversity with their friends and reminding them of the Lord in the meantime—and others.

The cinematography will engage young children as the camera angles are constantly changing to follow the bees, which are continually flying from place to place. Overall, a very cute movie that kids are sure to love.

Bible Bees is awarded Dove Approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take

Bible Bees is a singalong children’s video that incorporates tons of important life lessons into the interactions of the characters as the viewer travels through on a journey through their village.

Content Description

Faith: This film is dedicated to looking at issues from a biblical perspective.
Integrity: There is a constant theme throughout the film of conflict and resolution, done with a biblical perspective.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: WowNow Entertainment
Writer: Aarow James
Genre: Children
Reviewer: Ryn T.