Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again


When The Postables discover an antique vase with a letter inside, they trace the package to three little girls who attempted to sell the vase 18 years ago in order to save their family farm. While the vase was an heirloom from many generations ago, the origin is suspicious. With the farm again facing financial hardship, The Postables must choose between doing what’s legal and what’s moral.

Dove Review

This family-friendly movie incorporates romance and drama peppered with humor every so often to delight viewers. Featuring a good old-fashioned story that involves some detective work, Oliver (Eric Mabius) is a supervisor for the postal service and is in love with Shane (Kristin Booth). A mystery involving a certain vase—and the three women who mailed it in a package when they were girls—makes up the basis for this intriguing story. They had shipped the vase years ago, which was a gift they believed to be worth a lot of money, to have it appraised. Now they are grown, and the farm on which they live (except for one sister who is a war correspondent) with their aged and ill mother, Kim (Kim Delaney), is about to be auctioned due to delinquent taxes. In an amazing coincidence of timing, Oliver and Shane, with the help of other postal workers, manage to locate the missing package with the vase. However, not only are they racing against the clock (the farm auction is a mere three days away) but a last-minute surprise may throw a wrench into the plans to save the farm.

Besides the ongoing Oliver and Shane romance, co-worker Norman is in love with Rita, whose father (played by Barry Bostwick) is not fond of Norman. Norman is unique but humorous. When asked if likes kids, he replies, “Yes, I was one once. I liked it.” This wonderful film features a couple of good romantic stories, not to mention the suspense, solid acting and nice music. Due to the wholesomeness of it, it easily merits our Dove Seal for All Ages. It is not really aimed at the very young, as they might find parts of it slow moving.

The Dove Take

For anyone who has ever wanted to go home again or see a loved one once more, this is the movie for you! It offers hope for dreams to come true.

Content Description

Faith: A comment about believing in God
Integrity: Several people try to help a family out and do things the right way in finding a valuable vase and ensuring it belongs to the people who claim it.
Sex: A few brief kissing scenes between couples
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: A couple of brief drinking scenes
Nudity: None
Other: Mild tension between a few characters


Company: Hallmark Home Entertainment
Director: Kevin Fair
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 87 min.
Starring: Eric Mabius, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe and Geoff Gustafson
Reviewer: Ed C.