Salt and Light: The Miracle in Hollywood

DVD Release: October 16, 2018
Salt and Light: The Miracle in Hollywood


Fifty years ago in Hollywood, California, a spirited young pastor, a mainline conservative church, and a group of wide-eyed college kids and young people came together to create The Salt Company—a band that started what we now know as contemporary Christian music and created a coffee house that opened its doors to everyone (including runaways, hippies, and drop-outs). Together, they helped launch The Jesus Movement and transform the lives of a generation.

Dove Review

It’s the 1960s, and from the sunny sands of Santa Monica to a Hollywood coffee house, the counterculture is in town. People are seeking: seeking peace, seeking answers, seeking for, well, even if they’re not sure exactly what, they’re seeking something. Yet, from the sand to the coffee house, there is a group singing. These individuals are singing about God, the One Who loves and can save. They call themselves The Salt Company. They’re a band, and they’re more. From Christ-centered concerts, to housing that helps hippies and others, they are singing and sharing.

Salt and Light is a kindhearted documentary. It shows people seeking to express the love of the Lord in reality with relevancy, with the means they have and mediums that they care about. The contemporary interviews, along with images from the times they speak about, help to historically show the context and the impact of what they’re discussing. The experiences and stories they communicate range from the tragic and difficult to joyful and fun.

Salt and Light is a positive and interesting documentary, especially for those with interest in music, ministry, 1960s history, and Southern California culture. There is some content—discussion of death, drugs, violence, and more—which would be recommended for more mature viewers. The attire includes swimsuits and other warm weather clothes. For individuals who are ready and mature enough for the content, Salt and Light is a documentary with a positive message. Salt and Light is Dove-Approved for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Music—and a message to minister—sing with certainty in Salt and Light.

Content Description

Faith: Talk of God’s love; discussion of including Gospel messages in song and places like a coffee house; ministry; sharing the Gospel “on the street"; lyrics of Jesus; talk of God is Jesus; talk of leading someone to the Lord; church is discussed.
Integrity: People are kind and loving to others; a passion for God and for music; people helping others
Sex: Discussion of the sexual revolution; talk of a woman’s pregnancy; affectionate embrace; talk about people loving and potentially having crushes on others
Language: Hell, the place, is written; “babe” is said in lyrics.
Violence: Discussion of a kid drowning and others going to the morgue to identify him; talk of a child’s death; war, soldiers are seen; talk of assassination; talk about racism and violence that’s against women
Drugs: Talk of drugs and items utilized for such; a bar is seen with the word “Whiskey."
Nudity: Some revealing clothes; people in swimsuits; reduced attire in the Southern California climate; shirtless men
Other: Discussion about racism, violence against women, mental illness (including schizophrenia), and “emotional trauma” are discussed; ”angry God” and “purity laws” are discussed; talk of existentialism.


Company: Zing Productions Inc.
Writer: Rob Loos
Director: Rob Loos
Producer: Rob Loos
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 69 min.
Reviewer: John P.