Lotte from Gadgetville

Lotte from Gadgetville


In the film Lotte From Gadgetville, we are introduced to Lotte, a happy girl puppy. She lives with her father and mother in Gadgetville, a place where many inventors live. Each year the town hosts a competition to find out who has the best invention. Lotte’s father is the most famous inventor of all, but this year he is rivaled by Adalbert, the Rabbit, in their annual inventors’ competition. Along the way Lotte frolics with friends and learns about friendship and fair play. This Estonian film offers an alternative to Disney and Pixar animation. The characters are warmhearted, and the surroundings are wonderfully whimsical.

Dove Review

You’ve never seen anything like Lotte From Gadgetville before! The characters are delightful, and a few are on the odd side, making sure this adventure will be a memorable one. Lotte is a happy little girl puppy and Lotte’s dad, Oskar, is an inventor. The annual inventors’ competition is coming up and he’s working on his project. In one funny scene when Uncle Vinnie introduces his machine that makes bricks into bread, the announcer states he hopes the machine doesn’t blow up as it did “last year!”

Lotte and her friend Leo see lots of interesting things. Lotte’s dad shows up to the new inventors’ competition with his new invention, a washing machine that washes clothes, irons them, and folds them too! One inventor is exposed as a cheater when a lady is discovered inside his carrot-cutting machine cutting up the carrots with her knife! Another intriguing character is Sumusu who teaches local residents how they can apply judo in their lives. The film climaxes with Gadgetville facing Japan at a judo competition.

The movie deals with learning new ideas, and being fair and kind and exploring one’s creative abilities. Due to the overall wholesomeness of this creative and colorful animated film, we are pleased to award it our Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take

Here is a fun movie with unique characters and incredible animation that will light up the screen and your children’s faces.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: There are characters that display the quality of fairness and competing fairly.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: An explosion and a few mishaps; judo, which is supposed to be employed only in self-defense, is used inappropriately on a few characters but with one character, a whiner, it is used to teach him discipline and he is not harmed.
Drugs: None
Nudity: A shirtless boy sunbathes and a dad, a dog, takes a bath.
Other: A character cheats with a project but is exposed; some tension between a few characters.


Company: Kidflix Global
Genre: Children
Runtime: 81 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.