The Dove Take:

Empowering and inspiring film graphically deals with abortion and positively emphasizes the love and forgiveness of God.

Dove Review

The Synopsis:

As one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the nation, Abby Johnson was involved in more than 22,000 abortions and counseled countless women on their reproductive choices. Her passion surrounding a woman’s right to choose led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, fighting to enact legislation for the cause in which she so deeply believed.

Until the day she saw something that changed everything.

The Review

Unplanned has an empowering, amazing story told through a strong female perspective. In the film, Abby Johnson is intentional. She makes her own choices. The film does not idealize her and treats her as an independent and real woman, recognizing the power in her choices. And as her choices purposefully and significantly shift, it is compelling. Her shift in perspective to the realization of the value of every person’s life, even if they have not been born yet, is powerful. Her loving and bold choice to strive for life may remind us of the significance of our choices, and encourage us to be empowered for life, love, and growth.

Ashley Bratcher’s performance as Abby is memorable and noteworthy; she impressively portrays experiences ranging from intense emotion to extreme physical agony and strengthens the film’s impact. Some of the peripheral characters are interesting. And Unplanned is not smug, which benefits it telling its story, and presenting its message.

The film could help start—or continue—the conversation of the important topics surrounding the abortion issue. As one seeks to love God and to love other people, including those who are not yet born, in order to better understand the topic of abortion—having loving and respectful conversations is significant and may have major, positive impact. Unplanned may help prompt, and further, considerate thinking and conversations.

Unplanned is Dove-Approved for Ages 18+.

Though there are graphic aspects accounting for our 18+ rating, the film could also potentially be utilized for younger audiences to discuss sexuality, responsibility, and the potential consequences of sexual activity, which are challenging but significant topics. The film can be a springboard to allow adults, pre-teens and teens an avenue for thoughtful discussion on the topic of abortion. There are portrayals of challenging, graphic, bloody, and emotional content regarding abortion. However, it is in service of the film and provides significant strength.

Dove feels that appropriate, positive conversation guided by adults can help younger individuals make the best choices that can change lives—and save them. It is vital this happens before it is too late.

Content Description

Faith: God’s love, and how God will forgive someone who asks; a character has doubts, but then believes; prayer; talk about God’s will; going to church; talk about church and religion, though some of the characters do not talk positively; “Sometimes the Lord just has a plan”; a prayer includes “end the sin of abortion”; a woman, speaking regarding God to her babies that she regrets having aborted, says “I’ll meet you both in Heaven because He is merciful. He has heard my cries and He’s forgiven me”; a woman wears a cross; a song has lyrics about “my God.”
Integrity: Characters promoting life; “Is there any greater blessing than a new baby?”; characters encourage; talk about how God will forgive someone who asks; a man tells his wife that he loves her.
Sex: Characters have premarital sex, yet it is not promoted, indicating that there are consequences; a woman says she doesn’t want her parents to know she’s having sex; there are many women, and potentially teenagers, who are pregnant; there is clinical talk regarding reproduction; a mean-talking protester says someone “didn’t keep…legs closed”; delivering a baby; a couple lay in bed together; a couple act romantically; kissing; hugging; someone jokes that they “…might get lucky”; romantic dialogue, including “babe”;
Language: H-1; D-2; “No way in H*ll”; “oh my gosh”-3; “p*ssing me off”-1; “p*sses me off” -2; “jeez”; “we are so scr*wed”; “kick some a**”; other mild language, like “shut up”; “Oh, thank God”; and “sweatin’ like the devil”
Violence: Graphic, bloody, messy, and distressing abortions; there is also talk of abortions, and also a baby during an abortion “twisting and fighting for its life”; a woman has a medication-induced abortion at home which includes blood and vomit; an aborted baby is shown, including close-up; the process of piecing together an aborted person are shown and talked about; a protester sign with a graphic picture of an aborted baby; blood and panic; talk of a person being “shot in the head”; talk of a woman being, potentially, in similar danger; talking of blood; talk of wanting to “punch [someone] in the face”; a woman grabs someone.
Drugs: Drinking; a medication for abortion that will kill the unborn baby
Nudity: A character wears a t-shirt/top while having a medication-induced abortion at home, and her legs are seen as she bleeds, including when she steps into a shower; a woman’s Halloween costume has bare shoulders
Other: Some negativity, including dialogue, such as “anger replaced with self-loathing,”, and “dark corner of my soul”; though the film does not agree, a woman says she thinks that abortions are “God’s work”; comparing a place to the “Holy of Holies”; a character lies; talking about watching the film 300, which may have some strong content; Halloween things, including a skeleton; a joke about a “poopy diaper”


Company: PureFlix
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 146 min.
Reviewer: Dove.org