Air Bud

Theatrical Release: August 1, 1997
DVD Release: February 4, 1998
Air Bud


A young boy, newly arrived in town after his father’s tragic death, befriends a hoops-playing pup while trying out for his new school’s basketball team. The dog’s owner, however, has a more avaricious plan in mind.

Dove Review

I found this film to be very enjoyable. Buddy was a very likable dog as well as character in this movie. Josh Framm has lost his father and he and his mother and baby sister move into a new home. Josh has lost his interest in basketball and most everything else until he meets Buddy, formerly owned by a clown who really didn’t want him. Buddy can actually shoot and make baskets. In fact, at the end of the film it states that no special effects were used for the basketball stunts. In other words, Buddy really CAN make baskets! Josh finds meaning again in life and not only helps out the basketball team, but then tries out for the team. He and Buddy become good pals.

The film has good acting including Kevin Zegers as Josh, Wendy Makkena as his mother Jackie, and Bill Cobbs as a former basketball player who takes over the team as coach. Buddy will win the hearts of many viewers and the ending is unique and one that is sure to satisfy many. Although there are some situations in the film which we list under the violence category, none of them are gratuitous and we feel the movie will be an overall delight for all members of the family, including the young members. Therefore Dove approves this film for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Kissing.
Language: H-3; OMG-1; Su*ks-1; Darned Kid-1.
Violence: A kid kicks a clown; inept clown is thrown out of a house; dog falls off truck in cage and is slightly hit by a truck while in cage but survives; a character bumps Josh hard in gym; referee hit in head with basketball; a coach loses his temper and throws basketballs hard at kid as he tries to teach him to catch the balls; man in truck chases kid and dog and knocks over a sign and almost hits a couple in the park and he knocks over a swing; truck goes into lake but man survives.
Drugs: Beer cans are seen but no alcohol is consumed.
Nudity: None.
Other: A judge must decide who Buddy's owner is; Josh takes dog back from clown and judge settles the case.


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Writer: Kevin DiCicco and Paul Tamasy and Aaron Mendelsohn
Producer: Robert Vince
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 97 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter