Waiting for the Miracle to Come

DVD Release: April 29, 2019
Waiting for the Miracle to Come


Set in a magical, timeless world with colors reminiscent of an old storybook, Waiting For the Miracle to Come shares the story of a young girl who is sent on a journey of discovery. Faith, love, and completion all come to her, clothed in the broken state of loss—as the most powerful changes often do.

Dove Review

Following a cryptic note her father left behind, Adeline (Sophie Lowe) is led to a small town in the desert of California. The note speaks of hidden treasure, but the treasure Adeline finds is not what she expects. She finds an odd old couple, Jimmy and Dixie (Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling) waiting for their estranged daughter to find them. Adeline finds herself playing a crucial role in making Jimmy and Dixie’s dream come true.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come tells a simple story but leaves much open to interpretation. It’s a film that makes you feel what the characters are feeling. Sometimes the film is confusing or frustrating—the solution seems so simple but is still out of reach. Other times, the film makes sense, and you understand a little more about what is happening within the characters on the screen. These thoughts and feelings felt by viewers seem to correspond to what the characters are feeling, making the film a truly unique experience.

Waiting for the Miracle to Come is Dove-Approved for ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Nostalgic and symbolic, Waiting for a Miracle to Come communicates complex feelings while characters explore topics of death, fate, and the supernatural.

Content Description

Faith: Religious icons on the walls; Jimmy goes and prays in a church; a catholic priest performs a funeral; he talks about how the deceased man is in a better place.
Integrity: Adeline does everything she can to help Jimmy and Dixie, eventually playing a crucial role in making their dream come true.
Sex: None
Language: D*mn, said briefly
Violence: It is implied that a man dies in a fire, but nothing is seen.
Drugs: Adeline’s mother is not healthy emotionally and drinks hard liquor. She puts a cigarette in her mouth but does not light it.
Nudity: None
Other: Some deep thoughts about the purpose of life and death are expressed, which are open to viewers’ interpretation; Adeline can see/sense her deceased father’s presence as he gives her direction.


Company: Cave Pictures
Writer: Lian Lunson
Director: Lian Lunson
Producer: Lian Lunson, Terence Berry, Molly Mayeux, Gaston Pavlovich
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 75 min.
Reviewer: Sam K.