Healing the Healers

DVD Release: April 9, 2019
Healing the Healers


When mass trauma strikes, faith leaders are called to guide & sustain communities. Their role is to help us heal. But who heals the healers?

Dove Review

“Physician, heal thyself.” These are the words of the abusers of Christ we find in the Gospels. Clergy members and faith leaders within our community are tasked with watching over our souls and bringing God into tragic situations. But who helps them? Who heals the healers?

In this five-part documentary series, Reverend Matthew Crebbin meets with faith leaders to discuss trauma and loss from their perspective. Viewing clergy as first and second responders in times of tragedy, these conversations touch on various topics within the realm of trauma care, including how to help a community broken by tragedy as well as how to cope with the trauma personally.

Healing the Healers is a valuable resource for clergy, advocates, social workers and, really, anyone and everyone who would like a better understanding of how trauma effects a community and its leaders. Frankly, I’d never really thought about the pastors and religious leaders who service these communities during times of trauma. I never really saw them as being affected by the circumstances—which is the whole point of the documentary. The people who are standing by and helping families in times of sorrow are fellow humans who have needs, desires, pain and trauma themselves.

As a minister myself, this documentary really hit home. Not only is it extremely educational and packed with wisdom, it’s also deeply stirring. You can clearly sense the passion these men and women of faith have for the communities they serve, and it makes one wonder: How would I handle the same situation in their shoes? How does my own pastor handle the trauma in our community? This is a documentary I didn’t know was needed, but now that I’ve seen it, I understand that it is desperately needed and important. Healing the Healers is an inspiring and heartbreaking rally cry to unite the religious groups within our community to support one another and support our leaders—before, during, and after trauma.

Due to the maturity of the content, Healing the Healers has been awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Healing the Healers is a landmark documentary addressing very difficult topics and is sure to be an invaluable resource to clergy and laity alike.

Content Description

Faith: Belief in God from the perspectives of many faith leaders are discussed; relying on Christ is a major topic in the film.
Integrity: Faith leaders from all backgrounds come together to support each other and their communities.
Sex: None
Language: Sh*t - 1
Violence: The aftermath of traumatic events such as school shootings and plane crashes are seen briefly.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: The topics of mass shootings, death, and gun violence are crucial subject matter to the film.


Company: Odyssey Impact
Director: Kirsten Kelley
Producer: Kirsten Kelley
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 97 min.
Starring: The series features: Rev. Matthew Crebbin, Sr Pastor of Newtown Congregational Church, Newtown, CT, Rev. Dr. Kate Wiebe, Executive Director of the Institute for Collective Trauma and Growth; Rev. Kathleen E. Adams-Shepherd, previous rector at Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown; Rev. Henry Brown, the leader of Mothers United Against Violence; Rev. Melvyn Kawakami, retired Senior Pastor at Newtown United Methodist Church; Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan, former chaplain at Dunblane Primary School, site of a mass shooting that killed 16 children and their teacher; Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver, a first responder at Sandy Hook Elementary; Pastor Samuel Saylor, Sr., Senior Pastor of Gardner Memorial AME Zion Church in Springfield, MA and National Vice President of the National Gun Victims Action Council; and Cantor Michael Shochet, former Police Officer who became ordained and now serves as a Senior Clergy of Temple Rodef Shalom in Falls Church, VA.
Reviewer: Cammie H.