The Lion Kid

DVD Release: July 2, 2019
The Lion Kid


Kidd Mane is a lion cub without a home—that is, until he wanders into the western settlement of Tuckerville,
which happens to be a town without a sheriff. Meeting folks and making friends, Kidd applies for the job, and,
with a little help from the long-suffering town council—Judge Ryker, Miss Scarlet, and Miss Clarabelle—he
becomes the new sheriff of Tuckerville! Unfortunately, this puts Kidd at odds with the notorious town founder,
Mr. Bucktooth Tucker. On a collision course with the town’s old guard, it’s up to Sheriff Kidd and his loyal
deputy, Tibs, to stand strong and turn back Mr. Tucker’s threat—or lose Tuckerville forever!

Dove Review

The Lion Kid is a colorful, animated Western with delightful characters! This includes Kidd Mane, a lion, as the sheriff, and a donkey as the bad guy of the town, Mr. Tucker. Included in this unique bunch is Jeb the giraffe, a frog store owner named Ewell, and many other memorable characters.

The last sheriff was run out of town by Mr. Tucker, who has long run the town in his unscrupulous way, always benefiting from every decision he makes. Kid Mane vows to be fair and to do the right thing when he is elected by the town council to fill the abandoned sheriff’s position, but immediately Mr. Tucker plans on turning the town’s citizens against Kid Mane by ridding the town of its leaders and blaming Kid Mane for it. But Kid Mane is not one to back down easily. Armed with a loyal deputy sheriff, Tibbs, Kid Mane believes he is up for any challenge Tucker can throw his way.

This imaginative tale is a wholesome experience and nicely illustrates that even the bad guy can change if he learns his lesson. We are delighted to award the film our Dove Seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

This is not your typical shoot-em up Western but is an imaginative and fantastic adventure!

Content Description

Faith: A character mentions to "pray" for the safety of the sheriff and his deputy.
Integrity: Several characters demonstrate loyalty to doing the right thing.
Sex: None
Language: "no-good fool"-1; "buffoons"-1; "sucked"-1
Violence: Threats are the biggest thing; a flying ship heads downward to crash but we learn the characters survived.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Belching; disagreements between characters; unscrupulous businessman blames his underhanded ways on the town sheriff; one character has long, sharp teeth.


Company: WowNow Entertainment
Writer: BC Furtney
Director: James Snider
Genre: Children
Runtime: 82 min.
Starring: Maria Petrano, Jacob Tyler, Thomas Carr, Chen Tsung and Carmen Piroli
Reviewer: Ed C.