Real Stories with Christ

Real Stories with Christ


Real Stories of Christ is a series that follows the journey of a young pastor named Joe as he encounters various situations in his church. Through his faith, he shows that God is always in control.

Dove Review

Real Stories with Christ is a six-episode series geared to show how the power of Jesus Christ changes troubled lives. It follows a Texas family led by Pastor Joe (Josiah David Warren) and his wife, Violet (Taylor Murphy), as they tackle problems ranging from homeless orphans they eventually adopt, to a woman with apparent mental problems, to a young man dealing with a drug addiction.

Each episode begins with “All events are based on real stories,” and each has a Bible verse theme. The power of prayer is emphasized, but the series shows that we often have to put legs on our prayers. Pastor Joe and Violet don’t just pray for the orphans; they feed them and later adopt them. They minister to a troubled young woman named Mary, who bites men because when she was younger she was molested. The pastor gives $300 to a drug addict, without any assurance that it won’t be good money after bad.

The series is not shy about evangelism or about spiritual warfare. While Pastor Joe tells his children “not everything is a demon,” the problems Mary and a teenage boy named Henry are depicted as being demonic in origin and the pastor and his church don’t back away from getting involved. They lay hands on the spiritually afflicted individuals and go to war. The ultimate cure is not found in medicine or money, but in the surrendering of lives to Christ.

Content Description

Faith: Prayer is emphasized, but it's not presented as the only answer. Several individuals of various ages give their lives to Christ.
Integrity: Pastor Joe and his wife practice what they preach, even when it costs them sacrificially.
Sex: The pastor and his wife hug.
Language: Kids name calling. One refers to the other as "an idiot."
Violence: A fistfight is shown, but Pastor Joe is a peacemaker and breaks it up. People are depicted being freed from reluctant demons and the violence of those confrontations is shown very much as described in the Bible. Afflicted souls scream threats
Drugs: A drug addict is shown getting drugs, but he can never get enough.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Writer: Sun Hui East
Producer: Sun Hui East
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 42 min.
Reviewer: Darryl M.