Lukas Storyteller

Lukas Storyteller


After meeting Jesus during one of His adventures in the Sea of Galilee, Lukas and his friend Noah the turtle, share the wonderful stories of Jesus and other Heroes of the Bible with Lukas’s friends from the reef: Ana, Paul, Agnes and Peter. Discover how these stories full of music and fun changed the lives of Lukas and his friends, and how they can change yours.

Dove Review

Lukas is a great storyteller. As a fish, we hear that he saw Jesus. And fish (and seahorses and other aquatic friends) love to hear his stories, especially because the stories are so applicable to what the fishy folks are facing. They all have dilemmas and challenges, and the stories of individuals and situations of faith, including about Catholic Saints, are more than just to entertain them, they are present as lessons to learn from.

In the episode “Saint Anthony of Padua,” a character struggles with whether she should tell the truth, even if the truth may make someone else unhappy. There is the story of Saint Anthony of Padua who would not compromise what was important: truth. In the story, we hear of his telling the truth, even when others would not believe it.

In “Padre Pio,” a talent show act hits a speed bump when Paul, the keyboard-accompanying Octopus, is injured. What will he do? The story of an incredible event regarding “Padre Pio” is told, and how, during war, he was seen in two locations at one time. It emphasizes keeping one’s soul clean, and offering suffering.

“The True Meaning of Christmas” is an episode which emphasizes that it is not about the material gifts that we receive that defines Christmas. The perspective of the nativity is presented with an emphasis on Mary’s perspective, and she even, in a dream, appears to the characters.

These episodes present Lukas Storyteller as upbeat and encouraging, with strongly Catholic perspective and ideas, including regarding Mary. The episodes are entertaining, with a nice juxtaposition of animation styles between Lukas (and the others in the ocean), and the animation of the stories he tells. It is accessible to little kids, with a splash of aquarium colors and kind characters, yet is able to present some significant ideas for discussion, such as offering challenges to God. It’s a unique show that is likely to find its audience, and it would not be the least bit fishy to expect more Lukas Storyteller in time to come. These episodes of Lukas Storyteller are Dove-Approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Aquatic animated show shares lessons with strong Catholic perspective.

Content Description

Faith: Strong, and specifically Catholic faith and religious content, including about Mary; in “The True Meaning of Christmas”: Mary says “Don’t forget, I will always be with you,”; “Mary always cares for us, and listens to our prayers. She is our Heavenly mother, and teaches us how to get there by her example: trusting in God, being obedient, and loving others,”; “…when we give these to others, Jesus is born in our hearts,”; confessing to a priest; spiritual and religious imagery.
Integrity: Great integrity, and individuals growing from less integrity to having more integrity.
Sex: Talk regarding Mary’s pregnancy.
Language: None
Violence: Mild. Paul the Octopus injures one of his tentacles, and has to get an injection at the doctor’s from a significant syringe and needle; in “Padre Pio” war and intended harm is mentioned, and war planes are seen.
Drugs: A medical syringe and needle are seen at a doctor’s.
Nudity: None
Other: There are moments of poor or bad integrity (for example, lying), but characters learn.


Company: BMG-Global
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 12 min.
Reviewer: John P.