The Author, The Star & The Keeper

The Author, The Star & The Keeper


An estranged son returns to his childhood town to rekindle his relationship with his ailing father. Along the way he discovers a family secret that changes his perspective of his father and sparks a positive change in his life.

Dove Review

August Star “Augie” (Simon Jon Provan) fittingly is living out his dream as a theatrical “star,” playing the lead role in a stage production. When his manager, Rhonda (Dale Waddington), pressures him to leave the show to pursue screen acting, Augie realizes he needs to take a break.

After learning about an opportunity to deliver a specialty car to Las Vegas, Augie jumps at the chance to take a road trip. On his way to Vegas he decides to take a detour to visit his childhood town. During his hometown visit, Augie tries to reconnect with his dad, nicknamed Keeper (David Rupprecht). He used to be the lighthouse keeper but suffers from memory loss and now lives at the local assisted living center.

The crux of this film is Augie’s and Keeper’s strained relationship due to Augie’s absence and Keeper’s lapse of memory. As Augie fights to make up for lost time with his dad, he discovers a family secret that changes his outlook. The Author, The Star & The Keeper chronicles Augie’s experience of renewing his relationship with both his father and the Heavenly Father. Various characters are interwoven throughout this movie that both help and hinder Augie’s journey along the way. The film’s underlining theme of allowing God’s light to shine throughout your life merits our Dove-Approved Seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

The Author, The Star & The Keeper’s uplifting story of a father’s godly influence on his son’s life makes it suitable for all ages. Yet its slow-moving plot and heavy dialogue are better suited for an audience with a long attention span.

Content Description

Faith: Keeper mentions the importance of prayer when he tells young Augie, “Always remember, check in with God when you first wake up, when you go to bed and many times during the day.” Keeper also says to young Augie, “Pray for your mother that God brings His light into her life.” Keeper quotes Philippians 4:13. Augie finds Keeper’s hidden Bible and opening it to Psalm 119:105, reads the verse (in narration). The Author (Bruce Marchiano) mentions several references to the Bible when he meets Keeper. A large cross hangs on the wall of both Augie’s bedroom and Keeper’s room at the assisted living center. The Author is portrayed as God. Mike (Christian Gill) is portrayed as a guardian angel.
Integrity: Throughout the movie, Keeper encourages Augie to “take the light” (of God) with him wherever he goes. Augie changes his selfish ways to spend time with Keeper. The Author tells Keeper, “The fire you helped to kindle in Augie’s life will continue to burn.”
Sex: Two exchanges end with a casual hug; one includes a peck on the cheek.
Language: None
Violence: Augie is hit on the head with a weapon, knocking him out. Keeper and Augie are bound by rope. Augie and another man are handcuffed. Keeper and young Augie fence with each other.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Augie unknowingly transports stolen diamonds in the car he’s driving to Vegas.


Company: Salty Earth Pictures
Director: Steven F. Zambo
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Starring: Bruce Marchiano, Simon Provan, David Ruprecht, Dale Waddington, Heather Ricks, Ken T. Williams and Christian Gill
Reviewer: Karen W.