Rambo: Last Blood

Theatrical Release: September 20, 2019
Rambo: Last Blood


The Dove Take:

Rambo’s movie is one of revenge and repugnance.

Dove Review

The Synopsis:

Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission.

The Review:

Rambo’s getting a bit older. He spends time on his property, riding horses, working in the tunnels he’s made and forging a letter opener as a gift. It’s for a young woman, like family, who’s going off to college soon. Things change when she goes searching for her biological father in Mexico. While there, she’s kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave. Rambo figures out that something’s happened and goes full Rambo-mode.

Rambo commits a slew of atrocities we’re expected to celebrate. And by the end of the flick, he seems like he’d be buddies with horror villains more than Rocky Balboa. He’s no anti-hero or villain-as-protagonist. He’s a monster fighting other monsters. And are we supposed to adore him?

There are glimmers of emotional heart in the movie, and the actors do an okay job with what’s provided, but is the film really about emotional subtlety?

The movie’s brutal yet sidesteps deeper moral questions. It seems to promote Rambo’s revenge and acts like it’s taking some bold, moral high ground. It’s like a stale slash-and-torture flick without suspense; it’s got action with few thrills, shortchanging its dramatic potential. It has good performances and effects that are wasted by the movie they’re in. And it’s got an abundance of boring, graphic gore.

Rambo: Last Blood is not Dove-Approved.

Content Description

Faith: A cross is on a grave; a Rosary is seen, and a woman may be praying at what may be a shrine.
Integrity: Some characters love others; mention of goodness.
Sex: Young women are forced to be sex slaves, and much, such as rape, is implied; Rambo goes to the brother to rescue his friend, and lies to get in, saying that he wants “a young one.” When inside he’s about to be given some items, including a condom; a young woman asks another young woman, “You still a virgin?”; a man is about to, we may assume, have sex; characters are seen in a brothel.
Language: J-1; H-2; F-19; S-4, once with “hole”; B-5; “whore” is said multiple times; “p*sses”
Violence: Nasty, bloody, and brutal violence, including committed by Rambo; young women are forced to be sex slaves and are raped; faces are sliced; breaking collarbone; hammer to groin; terrible traps; Rambo carves out a man’s heart; Rambo decapitates a man (offscreen) and we see the headless body tied to a bed. Later, Rambo throws the head out the window of his car (which may also be considered littering); mention of a man beating a woman with a belt.
Drugs: A character's drink is drugged at a bar; women forced to be sex slaves are drugged forcibly; cocaine is seen; drinking; a cigarette is seen.
Nudity: Bare backs; revealing clothes.
Other: Rambo says “I want revenge”; a character does not view people as people.


Company: Lionsgate
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Genre: Action
Runtime: 89 min.
Reviewer: John P.