Gemini Man

Theatrical Release: October 11, 2019
Gemini Man


An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.

Dove Review

Henry Brogan’s international hitman days have taken their toll, leaving him feeling soulless and alone. But one day into retirement, Henry (Will Smith) discovers that the federal government has used his last kill to conceal Gemini—a secret soldier-cloning project founded by Clay Verris (Clive Owen).

Since Henry knows the secret, he is now Verris’ target, but so is FBI agent Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Henry and Danny play cat and mouse with Verris, bouncing all over the globe to unearth each other’s biggest fears. Verris seems to have the upper hand when Henry discovers that the hitman who’s after him is his younger self, better known as Clay Junior (also played by Smith).

Henry must convince Clay Junior that Verris isn’t his father, but his genetic cloner who’s using his and Henry’s near-perfect soldier techniques to test his own theories. Along the way, these alter egos bump heads but discover that the inherent flaws within each of us make us special.

Gemini Man forces viewers to process the inherent sin behind cloning people, recognizing that “playing God with DNA” is wrong. It also identifies the human soul that needs to love and be loved. As usual, Smith owns his characters and the international settings are beautiful, but nonetheless, heavy, heavy language and countless on-screen deaths rate this film Not Dove-approved.

Content Description

Faith: One character recognizes that it's wrong "playing God with DNA."
Integrity: Themes of love, forgiveness, and the intrinsic value of human identity
Sex: Several mild references to Henry and Danny dating and sharing a bed; Danny strips into her undergarments and Clay Junior pats her down to check for a wire. The script offers an awkward sexual play on words, but it's confirmed that Clay Junior only does this for security precautions.
Language: GD- 3, "Jesus"- 3, MF-1, F (mouthed but not said)- 2, S- 8, H- 7, A- 5
Violence: On-screen shootings, bomb explosions, knife fights, and bloody brawls
Drugs: Several mild scenes with beer and alcohol
Nudity: Danny strips to be checked for a wire, seen from waist up in bra
Other: Henry steals a motorbike to run from his clone.


Company: Paramount
Director: Ang Lee
Genre: Action
Runtime: 117 min.
Reviewer: Peyton G.