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Toys & Pets


Nathan and his band of toy sidekicks live happily in a teashop. When a robot from the future arrives, Nathan and the Time Bot go on a magical animated adventure to rescue their friend May from evil rat Flash and find an all-knowing mystic to grant Nathan’s special wish. They discover that teamwork, friendship, and a little luck are all they need to save the day!

Dove Review

Right away, the audience can see that Nathan comes off as cocky and is detached from his fellow toys. Even when he first meets Timebot, Nathan’s main concern is showing up his peers once he gets his color. [Nathan and Timebot are tea pets (toys); tea toys aren’t fully made until they get wet, giving them vibrant color. Timebot escaped his toy-making lab before they could give him his color.] But as the two spend more time together, Nathan becomes more protective and thoughtful of the needs of those who matter to him. Timebot’s first friend is Nathan and he does everything he can to keep him safe.

The relationship of the two characters is what carries the movie. Nathan starts off as impatient and mean-spirited toward Timebot, but as their adventure progresses, he becomes more understanding and compassionate, even going so far as to sacrifice himself and his chance to find his color for Timebot’s sake. Timebot is naïve and unsure of most things, but on his journey with Nathan, he learns the importance of friendship and their bond leads him to put his life on the line on multiple occasions.

Overall, Toys & Pets is filled with many unique, fun ideas. The lessons of determination, friendship, and imagination overshadow the mild cartoon violence, making this film Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Nathan and Timebot take families of all ages on two toys’ journey of self-discovery and friendship.

Content Description

Faith: Heaven briefly mentioned. Plot follows biblical story of redemption.
Integrity: Characters value integrity, honesty, and sacrifice.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Mild cartoon violence, but no gore
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Vision Films
Writer: Gary Wang
Director: Gary Wang
Producer: Zhou Yu, Ye Yuan
Genre: Children
Runtime: 98 min.
Reviewer: Mark H.