Red Skelton’s Christmas Classics (in Color)

Red Skelton’s Christmas Classics (in Color)


Beloved funnyman Red Skelton weaves his Christmas magic in this classic collection of the finest of his hilarious – and touching – sketches from his long-running television show. It’s the ultimate Red Skelton Holiday Collection! Restored and In Color!

Dove Review

With a mix of witty humor and silly jokes, Red Skelton Christmas Classics (in Color) is a wonderful compilation of Skelton’s most famous Christmas sketches. The movie contains stand-up comedy bits and theatrical comedy as well as silent, individual scenes. Featuring original advertisements for Tide and NBC, words directly from Skelton himself and a wide variety of comic material, this film is one for everyone to enjoy during the holidays.

The name of the film, Red Skelton Christmas Classics (in Color), is deceiving as the second half remains in black and white. Because it is a compilation of works created prior to 1960, the quality of the audio and video is not what we are used to in the 21st century.

This film is awarded the Dove-approved Seal for Ages 12+ because it contains some verbiage and material that is more questionable in the 21st century than it would have been in the 1950s. For example, frequent references to tobacco and alcohol litter Skelton’s sketches. Minor innuendos can be drawn from some of the jokes, but only because society today has sexualized things that may not have been considered sexual in years prior. While firearms were widely accepted when this film was released, they are now more cautiously used—especially in a suicidal sense—as gun violence and suicide have become more prominent in society.

Despite references that have since taken a new meaning, Red Skelton Christmas Classics (in Color) contains a considerable amount of clean, family-friendly humor. Skelton is silly, confident and presents himself as one who embraces hiccups in the scripted scenes. In addition, biblical ideas are employed throughout the movie. In nearly all of the sketches featured in the film, children or choirs are pictured singing Christ-centered Christmas carols. Skelton even takes a moment at the conclusion of the film to remind viewers of the reason for the season: “Remember, it’s a birthday of the Christ child and not a holiday for the greedy. And, with this in mind, may I say Merry Christmas to you all and God bless you.”

The Dove Take:

It’s holiday hilarity, Christmas cheer and family-friendly fun, with only a few things for which parents need be cautious.

Content Description

Faith: Frequent singing of Christmas carols—specifically those with biblical backing. Towards the middle of the movie, Red Skelton reminds viewers that Christ is the reason for the Christmas season and says, “God bless.”
Integrity: While Skelton does have integrity outside of his comedic bits, the sketches are purely about comedy and do not show many signs of clear growth or integrity.
Sex: Throughout the film, there are some comedic moments that could have sexual undertones if read into; for example, in one sketch Red Skelton asks, “who’s ear is that?” to which his co-star responds, “if you stick your tongue in it and it feels good, it’s yours.” The sexual undertones do not surpass this example in vulgarity.
Language: While no specific curse words are stated, the film does use some terms that were understood differently at the time of its release; for example, the use of the word “gay” for joy.
Violence: None
Drugs: References to alcohol and tobacco are made throughout the film—In one sketch drunkenness is addressed specifically; Skelton mentions drinking in excess frequently. In the final sketch, Skelton is seen in a “silly” state which could be interpreted as drunkenness; he holds a cigar in his mouth/hands throughout this sketch and in numerous others.
Nudity: None
Other: There are a few instances where guns are shown in different sketches. In the final scene of the movie a radio announcer asks, “Are you suffering from a New Year’s Day hangover?” Skelton is shocked as if the announcer is speaking to him. “No matter what anybody says, there is only one cure,” continues the announcer. “You know what it is… well, go ahead and do it. Go ahead, you coward, go ahead. Now is the time.” Skelton then slowly picks up an object that seems to be a gun, as if he is contemplating suicide. He then removes a hidden cork and begins drinking from the “gun” (which is actually a flask).


Company: Cinedigm
Director: Red Skelton
Runtime: 82 min.
Starring: Red Skelton
Reviewer: Nicole G.