Heavenquest is a new, reimagined fantasy universe inspired by the world and characters of John Bunyan’s timeless masterpiece The Pilgrim’s Progress. Modernized and adapted for today, Heavenquest is an imagined prequel to Bunyan’s original text, sharing the story of a man named Vangel who is thrust on a journey against his will when he is suddenly and mysteriously arrested. Injured and lost after escaping the dark king’s men, Vangel begins to have stage dreams and visions of a mysterious woman in white calling him from the unknown territory of the North. Armed with a book called “The Record of the Ancients” that he receives from a wise sage named Elder, Vangel embarks on an adventure that takes him through a treacherous mountain range, unending deserts, the Lake of Doubts, and the Forest of No Return. Along the way, travel companions share about a fabled good king and his son in the North, if he can make it there alive.

Dove Review

Vangel is a high-ranking judge from the Southern Kingdom. He has all of the wealth, comfort, and prestige that this world can offer- until the dark, evil ruler of the Southern Kingdom accuses him of being a loyalist to the Northern Kingdom. Many say that one king will rise from the North and be the ultimate Ruler of Eos, of both kingdoms. Out of this fear, the evil ruler of the Southern Kingdom sends Vangel to his death.

Vangel escapes and begins to have visions/dreams of a strange woman from the Northern Kingdom calling for him. Following this calling toward the North, Vangel meets friends along the way who protect him from witches in the woods and places like the City of Deeds, the Lake of Doubts, and the Forest of No Return. All evil people and places trying to keep him from the North.

The king of the Southern Kingdom sends his wicked lackeys to slow Vangel down, but Vangel discovers that he is one of the five chosen people to meet, welcome, and serve the Ruler of Eos and his son.

Vangel embraces this calling. Though he must fight and defeat evil, he realizes that the life he has left behind in the Southern Kingdom only leads to death. He then has the privilege and honor of meeting the Ruler of Eos’ son, who promises that his father’s rule is infinitely perfect and forever safe for those willing to journey to find him.

Heavenquest is a fantastical prelude to John Bunyan’s infamous Pilgrim’s Progress. The characters, the towns, and the journey include the same deep, spiritual allegories as Bunyan’s book, both paralleling the Christian’s hard, but promising journey to Christ and God’s infinite kingdom.

While Heavenquest isn’t packed with the blood and gore of today’s theatrical horror films, some Robin Hood-esque violence and dark magic aren’t suitable for children. Meanwhile, the powerful biblical themes and conversation surrounding this film award Heavenquest Dove-approval for Ages 18+.

Dove Take:

Heavenquest creates a beautiful fantasy parallel to John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, but heavy violence and dark magic aren’t appropriate for a young audience.

Content Description

Faith: Vangel and his friends foreshadow Pilgrim's Progress, paralleling their storyline with Jesus' redemption
Integrity: Vangel and his friends hunt for everlasting life that only comes from leaving behind the world and pressing on toward God.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Violent on-screen deaths including fantastical electrocution, knife and axe fights, bloody aftermath
Drugs: One bad character uses an evil "medication" to harm Vangel
Nudity: Female characters wear tight-fitted, cleavage-revealing clothing
Other: Dark fantasy elements meant for an older audience


Company: King Street Pictures
Director: Matt Bilen
Genre: Fantasy
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Peyton G.