Green Eggs & Ham

Green Eggs & Ham


The Dove Take:

The show has its funny moments and definitely shares a positive vibe about handling adversity and difficult people. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

Dove Review

The Synopsis:

Failed inventors Guy-I-Am (Michael Douglas) and Sam-I-Am (Adam DeVine) set out on an unlikely road trip, encountering adventures and meeting new friends along the way.

The Review:

Guy-I-Am and Sam-I-Am are polar opposites: the first is incredibly pessimistic and cynical, the second is wide-eyed, optimistic and encouraging to all those he meets. Guy-I-Am can’t imagine finding himself falling for Michellee (Diane Keaton) after she initially ridicules him, while Sam-I-Am and Michelee’s daughter hit it off in their wild adventures with their giraffe-like pet.

Green Eggs and Ham is silly, with an extra portion of … more silliness. It’s wacky, kaleidoscope kind of visuals and energy that would’ve made Dr. Seuss proud. Now, the original material is nearly 60 years old, but creator Jared Stern has worked in today’s stars (including Daveed Diggs, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, and Jeffrey Wright) and some contemporary pop music to serve as the score. Audiences are given some pointers for understanding the narrative by the Narrator, Keegan-Michael Key, but even that is a little “off,” because the Narrator doesn’t always know what is going on himself!

While the two I-Ams road trip together, they’re haphazardly pursued by two characters who identify as “bad guys,” but even they are seen through the lens of what Dr. Seuss (think Mr. Rogers) thought about life. It provides a little narrative tension, but it’s not scary or aggressive.

Having seen the first three episodes, it’s my opinion that this is good family fun for the young and old alike, with some gentle lessons about accepting people the way they are, recognizing their gifts, and living in harmony with everyone around them. For its use of the source material and encouragement of living in community, Dove awards Green Eggs & Ham its All Ages seal of approval.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Characters deceive each other out of fear for what the others will think or to stay out of trouble.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: The Bad Guys threaten other characters, verbally and physically.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Netflix
Writer: Dr. Seuss, Jared Stern
Genre: Animated
Reviewer: Jacob S.