The Mandalorian

Theatrical Release: November 12, 2019
The Mandalorian


The Synopsis:

The travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.

Dove Review

Live-action Star Wars on the small screen? This is the kind of original project that will have fans of Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney running toward Disney+. Is it worth it? If just for The Mandalorian alone, through the first two episodes, absolutely, yes!

In The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal plays the titular character, a bounty hunter who takes on a dangerous mission that will pay better than the average bounty available in the post-Empire fallout. The Mandalorian flies to a desert planet to capture the bounty known as the Child and finds himself in a completely different world with a new set of expectations. Over the course of the season, the audience watches as the Mandalorian’s sense of morality causes him to care for others when prior to meeting the Child, he only cared about the bounty.

Without giving anything away, this is a view of the world of Boba Fett with emotional, powerful looks into a character who never takes off his mask! With a solid score, the creators have painted a world, with technology, various alien races, and exciting action that feels absolutely organic to the world that audiences have watched on big screens for the last forty years.

The only drawback for families with small children may be the violence, but if your family’s young persons have watched and enjoyed the other Star Wars films without issue, then The Mandalorian will be fine. Expect the excitement, and topnotch production, of a Star Wars movie broken up into eight episodes (or “chapters”) over the next seven weeks. Just make sure you see it for yourself and don’t let anyone spoil it for you!

Dove Take:

The Mandalorian, through episode 2, includes Star Wars-based violence that may be more suitable for a pre-teen audience, earning a Dove Seal for 12+.

Content Description

Faith: The Mandalorian tells Kuiil that his weapons are part of his religion; Kuiil shows belief in the Mandalorian’s abilities
Integrity: The Mandalorian first gives part of his earnings to help others; the Mandalorian refuses to take a life and stops from another hunter from doing so; Kuiil refuses payment because the Mandalorian is his guest and he owes him hospitality.
Sex: None
Language: Infrequent uses of H*** and B******
Violence: Mandalorian beats, shoots those who attack him; creature’s legs cut off when door closes on them; Mandolorian fights off various creatures, even killing them if necessary; captured prisoners are frozen in carbonite.
Drugs: Cantina drinking
Nudity: None
Other: None