Miracle in East Texas

Miracle in East Texas


Miracle in East Texas tells the story of two con-men in 1931. In each town they visit, Doc Boyd and Dad Everett scam lonely widows out of hundreds of dollars, promising them riches from oil wells that they know are dry. Notoriety in Oklahoma forces the two men to take their scheme to Cornville, Texas. However, in the midst of their deception, they actually strike oil. As it turns out, it’s not the last miracle that comes across their path.

Dove Review

This 2019 film is about two wrongdoers who turn their lives around after experiencing miracles. We are introduced to Doc Boyd and Dad Everett, who are charming, but inexcusably deceptive and greedy: They make their living by preying on lonely widows and manipulating their emotions to trick them into hopeless oil investments. They misuse the Lord’s Word, quoting Scripture to support their claims like false prophets.

Once they run out of widows to fleece in Oklahoma, Boyd and Everett set up shop in Cornville, Texas, a turning point for these characters because there, Boyd and Everett actually strike oil. Having witnessed a miracle that neither can can deny had to be of a Greater Power, both men begin changing their lives.

Their sins catch up with them and they are brought to trial. Just when it looks bad for Boyd and Everett, the widows they had wronged forgive them, instead of testifying against them. The message that staying true to one’s faith and finding forgiveness, which then changes the lives of the forgiven, is one that many of the Christian faith can relate to and emulate. While the story is slowly paced at times, the theme of redemption through miracles and forgiveness is clear and teaches that all people, even those seen as a devil in the eyes of their peers, can be redeemed. A few western violence scenes aren’t appropriate for small children, but the life-changing faith in this film brings Miracle in East Texas Dove-approval for Ages 12+.

The Dove Take:

Miracle in East Texas is a fun, tall tale, full of adventure, near-escapes, and genuine redemption for a couple of likeable (but crude) shysters

Content Description

Faith: Boyd has an in-depth conversation/argument with God, likely to showcase a years’ long battle with the faith he has tried to avoid his entire life. Many of the widows they had scammed in the past come forward to testify against them, but because of their faith, they forgive the men instead of pursue vengeance. Boyd finally decides to accept God, becoming a changed man and pastor of a multi-racial church at the end of the film.
Integrity: Though deceitful to almost everyone they meet, Boyd and Everett are incredibly loyal to one another, neither desiring the other to be put in prison. There is also integrity within the lonely widows that Boyd and Everett scammed, as they show early on that they are women of faith but prove it by forgiving the men during their trial.
Sex: Dialogue about an erupting oil well is used as a sexual double entendre
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Kevin Sorbo
Writer: Dan Gordon
Director: Kevin Sorbo
Genre: Western
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Mark H.