The Chosen

The Chosen


The Chosen is the first-ever multi-season show about the life of Christ.

Dove Review

The Chosen is an episodic biblical series based on events surrounding the ministry years of Jesus Christ. It follows the backstory of a few well-known characters before they first meet Jesus and interact with Him. Most of the eight episodes, which we reviewed and that make up the first season, focus on up to three different characters and weave back and forth between their stories.

You learn about Nicodemus, a Galilean Pharisee, as he discovers the healing powers of Jesus and is granted a rare opportunity to meet privately with Him. You get to know Mary Magdalene, a Hebrew woman, who is possessed by demons but delivered from them when Jesus calls her by name and she becomes one of His followers. You gain insight into the background of Matthew as a tax collector, who lets greed rule his life until he meets Jesus and becomes one of His disciples. You also delve into the seedy past of brothers, Simon Peter and Andrew as they partake in corrupt activity to avoid paying Roman taxes, but change their deceitful ways when they begin following Jesus.

The first season of this series (season 2 will be available at a later time) covers the beginning of Jesus’ ministry up until His encounter with a Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:4-29). Many of Jesus’ teachings, healings and miracles are intertwined throughout the series. The historical costumes, scenery and props transport you to biblical times and seem authentic. The talented cast of characters reel you in to their stories and make you feel like you are walking alongside them as they relate to one another.

The Chosen takes liberties with artistic imagination and dialogue to explain the backstory of some of the characters which helps add to the significance of the biblical events even though it’s fictitious. These backstories reveal their broken or self-centered lives before they met Jesus and show how much they were transformed by Him. Like when Mary Magdalene tells Nicodemus about Jesus delivering her from demons: “I was one way and now I am completely different, and the thing that happened in between was Him.” The series provides a fresh perspective on familiar biblical characters and presents an inspiring yet entertaining story.

Some cautionary elements of the series include violence involving fighting, swords and other situations. Additional elements include lying, deception, greed and demonic possession. Due to these cautionary elements, the series earns our Dove-approved for Ages 12+ award for its dramatized retelling of Scripture.

The Dove Take:

This historical drama series’ Gospel retelling elaborates on the backstory of biblical characters who interacted with Jesus and will draw you into the inspiring story, but is better suited for audiences 12 and older.

Content Description

Faith: The series is based on Scripture and includes much content from the New Testament.
Integrity: When characters encounter Jesus, they immediately display a significant positive change; other characters show moments of integrity.
Sex: Husband and wife kiss, hug and hold each other; woman is described as having many husbands.
Language: H-1
Violence: Characters engage in fistfights and some have bloody wounds; a man’s ear is cut by a soldiers’ sword; it is implied that a woman is raped by a Roman soldier; characters carry and use weapons.
Drugs: Characters drink wine and get drunk.
Nudity: None
Other: Characters lie, deceive and act greedy; woman is possessed by demons.


Company: VidAngel Studios
Director: Dallas Jenkins
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Karen W.