The Duke

Theatrical Release: October 30, 1999
The Duke


Hubert, the faithful canine companion to the late Duke of Dingwall, inherits the Duke’s estate, the royal jewels, and the official title of Duke. And to ensure Hubert’s well-being, Charlotte, the butler’s niece and Hubert’s best friend, is made his legal guardian. As the two try to fit in, they meet Cecil, the Duke’s conniving nephew, who plans to get rid of them.

Dove Review

This 1999 film features a great deal of canine slapstick comedy and plenty of heartfelt moments throughout, as we follow Hubert and Charlotte fitting into their new roles of royalty. Before the Duke of Dingwall passes away, there are many moments presented that allow the audience to get to know the main cast, as well as their relationship with Dingwall, better showcasing the impact of his passing.

The challenges of duke-hood gradually take a toll on Hubert and Charlotte, as the political pressures of the country, as well as the Duke’s nephew’s constant efforts to be rid of the hound, come to a head.There is also a touch of romance sprinkled in between the newest chef and Charlotte, and Hubert and his array of female dogs chasing after him for his fame.

As a whole, The Duke is jam-packed with family fun and crazy antics. However, one off-screen scene is alluded to, which includes Hubert’s love interest being kidnapped. Another not-so-puppy-friendly scene features a dog tossed overboard into a pond. With that said, the overarching themes of this film rely heavily on friendship, loyalty, and even praying for friends. These pawsitive elements award The Duke Dove-approval for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Ever wonder what a dog could do with an entire royal inheritance? The Duke answers that question and many more in a way that you and your kids can enjoy.

Content Description

Faith: While not present in the film, faith still shines through with the themes of family and friendship that are greatly shown throughout the film. There is also a scene where Charlotte is praying for the Duke’s health when he suffers from a heart attack at the start of the film.
Integrity: Charlotte and Hubert’s friendship continues to shine through even after obtaining their statuses as Duke and Lady. All of the late Duke’s former servants also remain loyal to the Duke’s final wishes and take care of both Hubert and Charlotte to the best of their abilities.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: While never actively present, there is a scene where Cecil kidnaps and imprisons Hubert’s love interest, Daisy, and then deliberately tosses anotherdog overboard into a pond.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Air Bud Entertainment
Director: Philip Spink
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Mark H.