The Gift of Christmas

DVD Release: October 19, 2020
The Gift of Christmas


Christmas time at the Kentucky home of George and Denise Barnett, the decorations are up and the kids are smiling, but all is not well. George is worried about his friend Don Ford while choir director Denise is fretting over the Christmas Eve concert at their church. Meanwhile, George’s brother Allen is working as a studio guitarist in Los Angeles. Allen has promised to come back to Kentucky for months — a promise that has been left unfulfilled. George learns that Don Ford is worried about his daughter Celia, a struggling actress in Hollywood — and George formulates a plan. Allen drives home and brings Celia with him. Turns out that’s easier said than done. But just when George and Denise think they have everything in order, Denise’s parents decide to pay a visit for the holidays. George finds out that Don Ford doesn’t appreciate him meddling and the church choir loses its soloist for the concert. Celia, a fine singer, may be the answer to the choir soloist problem but conflicts arise …

Dove Review

Celia needed something different. So, she set out from the quite suburb of Kentucky where she grew up to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles. Little did she know that the goodbye hugs she’d shared with her mother would the last time they’d embrace before her mother’s life was cut short due to a heart attack.

Alan’s musical aspirations led him a recording studio in Los Angeles where his agent was keeping him busy playing his original acoustic melodies. Although he hadn’t originally planned to stay, after the road trip he and his brother shared when their parents died, he decided that Los Angeles was where the next chapter of his life would begin.

But Christmas was rapidly approaching, and George, Alan’s brother, was hoping for a holiday spent with family. After a brief phone call inviting him to come home for Christmas, Alan accepted, but not before rejecting a music tour offer from his agent, and agreeing to try to find the estranged daughter of a close family friend who was stuck in a deep depression. Don just hadn’t seemed himself after his daughter had moved out West and his wife passed away.

Much to George and his wife Denise’s delight, Alan finds Celia and they begin the long trip home. Meanwhile, Denise gets a surprise call from her parents announcing that they’ll be visiting for the holidays too! Although Denise is thrilled, she worries that the strained relationship between George and her father might take the joy out of the season.

Don is unhappy to discover that George has taken it upon himself to try to reunite him with Celia. Denise’s parents arrive and the critiques and complaints from her father start to frustrate George. To top it off, after Denise had decided to coordinate the Christmas pageant, the electricity at the church begins to flicker and the lead singer of the choir drops out. When it looked as if all hope was lost for a joy-filled holiday, an unexpected Christmas miracle would renew their spirits and remind them of the true reason for the season.

The Dove Take:

The Gift of Christmas is a heart-warming story of the redemptive power of the Christmas spirit, as strained relationships are nursed back to health and unpredictable dilemmas are resolved in the least expected way.

Content Description

Faith: Although Celia and Alan are struggling in their faith, they each quote Scripture passages to each other throughout the road trip home; both renew their personal relationship with the Lord.
Integrity: Even though George and his father-in-law have a strained relationship, George treats him with respect and love; Alan treats Celia with respect and kindness, opens the car door for her, gives him her coat on a cold day; on their trip back to Kentucky, they stop at a variety of homeless shelters or soup kitchens so that Alan can make a donation from his parents’ inheritance; George and Denise have a burden to help Don, to get him back in church.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Celia and her father have an argument about her mother’s past.


Company: A Good Journey LLC
Writer: John B. VanMeter, Tom Whitus
Director: Tom Whitus
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 104 min.
Starring: Bruce Davison, Dee Wallace, Jenn Gotzen
Reviewer: Shannon M.