A Crafty Christmas Romance

A Crafty Christmas Romance


Mandy Page, the owner of a hobby and craft store, loves Christmas. When she finds a touching letter to Santa stuffed between the pages of an old book recently donated, she decides it would be fun to play Santa.

Dove Review

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Filmed in Utah, Production Designer Anthony Straga stages the most elaborate holiday sets that will instantly bring on the Christmas spirit. Beautiful orchestral music throughout.

Mandy loves Christmas and is proud of her hobby and craft store that holds classes, hosts parties and private events. As Mandy sifts through a box of donated items and flips through the pages of a classic book, THE CHRISTMAS CAROL, a coin drops out of an envelope addressed to Santa. It’s a little girl’s request for Santa to please give the coin to her father who died in the war, “he would love it.” The letter is dated Dec 11, 1947… “Judith…who are you,” she wonders.

Mandy is determined to find Judith and return the coin that could be worth $30,000. In the same box, a hymn book from the Creek Hill Chapel…she drives to the Chapel and meets Jonah who is there renovating and is the one who donated the books he found in a back room. When Mandy explains her mission, Jonah likes what he sees and the instant chemistry between them prompts him to offer his help in finding the now 70-year-old woman whose name is Judith.

In Mandy’s presence, Jonah gets an upsetting phone call from a collections agency. When a letter out of Jonah’s mailbox accidentally drops at Mandy’s feet, she sees a PAST DUE stamp on it, and realizes Jonah has financial issues. When Mandy discovers the coin is missing, she blatantly accuses Jonah of stealing it to pay his bills. He stares at her in utter disbelief, turns and walks away, taking with him any chance for a happy life together… or helping to find Judith. Did Mandy, who absolutely loves Christmas, just ruin it for everyone? Or can she fix this mess and bring back the joy of the season and her own chance for happiness?

The Dove Take:

This is a story filled with good intentions at Christmastime, but is a stark lesson in how a few misplaced words spoken in haste can destroy trust and faith and how many more words and actions are needed to rebuild … excellent for the entire family to watch together and is Dove-approved for All Ages.

Content Description

Faith: Theme throughout is a Christian Christmas.
Integrity: Mandy’s quest to find the mystery writer is admirable and she never falters from her mission; Jonah is honest and of good character.
Sex: Gentle kisses between man and woman.
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Mandy jumps to the wrong conclusion when she accuses Jonah of theft causing hurt, disappointment, and mistrust.


Company: Silver Peak Productions / Candlelight Media Group
Director: Brian Brough
Genre: Romance
Reviewer: Carole H.