A Horse Called Hope

A Horse Called Hope


A rebellious girl is sent to stay on her grandmother’s horse ranch for Christmas. She falls into friendship with her grandmother’s pony and becomes determined to help save the ranch from foreclosure.

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

Sixteen-year-old Lizzy (Taylor Lyons) is strong-willed and moody, has lost the trust of her parents, is suspended from school, and needs to refocus on life. Her parents believe a change of environment on her grandmother Mary’s (Francine Locke) peaceful country ranch will give her the emotional stability that she desperately needs. There she is introduced to a sickly nameless pony that she calls Hope. As Lizzy gains the trust of Hope and he responds positively to her, she finds a purpose she never knew existed and gently nurses him back to health while slowly overcoming her own pain and mixed emotions.

Lizzy opens a letter addressed to her grandmother that reveals the ranch is about to be foreclosed. The fear of losing the newfound friendship with Hope is overwhelming and she convinces her grandmother of her bold plan to save the ranch and save Hope in the process. When the neighbors all respond positively and Lizzy’s plan works, her parents are pleasantly shocked at the responsibility Lizzy has taken on and the resulting positive changes in their daughter.

As Lizzy gains confidence in herself, she connects deeply with her family and finds the true meaning of trust, devotion, commitment, and responsibility. And all because of a beautiful pony named Hope that brought out the best in a sad young girl with no hope.

And … you will love the background music featuring the song, “Hope Is Believing,” composed and performed by Cheri Keaggy, a gospel singer and songwriter in the Contemporary Christian musical style with several Dove nominations and a Dove Award.

The Dove Take:

A heartwarming story that shows the power of love, family, hope, redemption, and most of all, the power of second chances. Dove-approved for all family members and all ages!

Content Description

Faith: Grace said before dinner; faith in the goodness of oneself.
Integrity: Grandmother is an exceptional role model with high morals and principles; farm folk all gather to help each other in time of need; Lizzy learns devotion to a cause and mends her rebellious ways and gains trust.
Sex: Mom and dad in bed in pjs no exposure and nothing sexual.
Language: "Stupid."
Violence: None
Drugs: Wine at dinner; no abuse of alcohol.
Nudity: None
Other: Parents think Lizzy is a total screwup; reference only no visuals of Lizzy and friends who had a few drinks fell asleep and the house caught on fire; suspended from school; Grandma was mad at God for taking Grandpa; Lizzy has an outburst of accusatory language (no swearing) and sobs through it; James tells her she is selfish and mean; complex family dynamics with attitude and moody behavior.


Company: Vision Films
Writer: Simon Parker
Producer: Douglas B. Maddox
Genre: Inspirational
Runtime: 82 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.