Why Me?

Why Me?


Slater believes he is entitled to a life of luxury at no cost to him, however; when a family tragedy leaves him responsible for the well-being of others, he starts to change his tune.

Dove Review

When Slater’s parents are killed in a tragic car accident, he is left to care for his three younger siblings as their legal guardian. Slater’s father owned a very successful business and his death left the entire company to Slater along with the family wealth. While Slater is not happy to parent his siblings, he does so to the best of his ability, despite his nagging girlfriend, Lana, and friends who don’t seem to understand the situation. When his sibling’s teacher explains that the children will be taken by social services if Slater doesn’t find them a live-in nanny, he goes to the internet for help hiring the perfect person to teach and care for the three children.

While watching Why Me?, viewers should be prepared for Slater’s massive personality. He is dramatic, high-maintenance, and spineless at the beginning of the film, allowing Lana to push him around and using an EpiPen when he comes into contact with Aisha’s dog, claiming he is “highly allergic.” Aisha soon becomes the family’s newest nanny and ultimately the one who shares the Gospel with them.

While some of scenes depicting Slater’s tendencies seem a bit unnecessary—for example, at the beginning of the movie he is seen wearing a shark onesie sitting on his porch with a kiss mark on his cheek from Lana—they do, show viewers just how eccentric his personality is. As the film progresses, Slater learns the importance of standing up for himself and working for what he needs.

Each person in the film grows tremendously in character as the movie unfolds. The story is well written and allows viewers to see how trusting God can change a person’s life. Some of the Biblical scenes do seem a bit out of place, but this is understandable given the time constraints of a movie. Despite a few alarmingly close up shots, Why Me? is very well filmed and pieced together. The storyline is heartwarming and gives viewers a chance to really get to know each character through a unique storyline that will be entertaining and uplifting for the whole family.

Why Me? is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

Why Me? is a comedic film that depicts the ways that faith in God can bring a family together after heartbreak.

Content Description

Faith: Aisha teaches the whole family about Jesus and shows them how he has changed her life through the way she acts every day.
Integrity: Slater goes from being selfish and spoiled to standing up for himself and his family. As the film nears the end, Slater begins walking with the Lord.
Sex: At the beginning of the film Lana is seen in a robe and Slater picks her clothes up off of the floor (they are not married). One of the nannies gets into bed with Slater. One scene zooms in on Lana’s breasts.
Language: Mild phrases such as “shut up” and words like “stupid.”
Violence: None
Drugs: Alcohol is seen in a few scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: BMG-Global
Writer: Sun Hui East
Producer: Sun Hui East
Genre: Comedy
Reviewer: Nicole G.