I Do

DVD Release: October 1, 2019
I Do


Despite commitments to love forever and repeated attempts to seek counseling, a husband and wife are unable to reconcile after an adulterous affair.

Dove Review

A man and woman meet, fall in love and marry, committing themselves before a pastor and before God to love forever. As David and Amin declare their vows, a supernatural moment unites them, the two becoming one flesh. The ethereal moment continues as a baby is conceived and we rejoin them as Amin gives birth to a baby girl, the happiest day of David’s life.

Next we see David at work, receiving a phone call from a distraught Amin. Unable to express herself, David rushes home to check on her and finally coaxes the information out of her that she has fallen in love with someone else. She appears to be remorseful, but as she leans to kiss him on the cheek, we cut to an image of Judas, kissing Jesus’ kiss as he betrays him.

The damaged couple meet with a counselor, not for reconciliation but for divorce counseling. It’s a painful session as he states that he has been in prayer, repenting and seeking renewal, and he still loves her – and she reveals he’s been threatening divorce for years and that she made an ultimatum within herself that the next time he threatened, she was done. True to her own word, she began an affair when David threatened divorce yet once more, justifying her actions with her inner thought process that the marriage was over.

As the counseling session continues, David has flashbacks of their love life and even pinpoints when she started lying to him about her affair. They both waver between acknowledging sin and then justifying it until the film climaxes with David’s acknowledgement that their marriage is done, despite his intense feelings that this is not what God wants, nor what he wants.

That is the last we see Amin, with the film resolving in a court scene. The end card of the film dedicates it to all who have been touched by the pain of divorce and with the sole purpose to warn and encourage conversation. However, because of the negative elements, this film is not Dove-approved.

The Dove Take:

While based on scriptural truths, the film leans heavily on a Baptist stance on marriage and divorce, which not all Christians may adhere to. It portrays the reality that the devil can deceive and corrupt God’s intent for a marriage by sharing some very intimate and painful moments of this couple’s life, which leads towards a very sober ending.

Content Description

Faith: Scripture cards scattered within the film emphasize God’s unique design of marriage and the struggles the husband and wife face to remain together. Although the characters seem to have theological misconceptions and inconsistencies in the practical living out of what they believe, they discuss repentance, the repercussions of sin, the seeking of forgiveness and purity.
Integrity: The wife confesses that she has been having an affair and recognizes that it is sin. Although her understanding of God’s forgiveness is skewed, she states she is willing to wait on (implied) further sexual relations until the divorce is final. The man states he has sought God and His forgiveness and purifying of heart and through that he is still committed to the relationship – however, although he wavers within the film, it is clear that at the end, despite conceding to the divorce, he is affected by the loss of the relationship.
Sex: An extended kiss on a date before marriage; a sex scene with the married couple under covers with kisses and sounds of ecstasy, a tickling scene in bed under sheets with only feet showing, implied adulterous affair.
Language: Several obscenities and crude language: damn, hell; he calls her a whore; he comments that “Satan has his penis inside of you.” She mentions that “the last three to four times we’ve had sex, he’s had to get drunk to touch me.”
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: cleavage shown in restaurant (waitress, Amin)
Other: Amin lies to David about texting her “friend” while in bed, Amin cheats on the marriage, demonic image in the “supernatural” moment when they divorce.


Company: The ZSIon Media Group
Director: G. Lee Gordon
Producer: Jaime Kepner
Runtime: 71 min.
Reviewer: Laura W.