Pixar Popcorn

DVD Release: January 21, 2021
Pixar Popcorn


Next, grab a quick snack with Pixar Popcorn, a collection of mini shorts starring some of your favorite Pixar characters in all-new, bite size stories.

Dove Review

What a treat! This new collection of shorts, featuring 10 episodes with a total running time of 25 minutes, continues in the Pixar tradition of imagination, great animation, and mostly-fun! This collection features their beloved films including Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, and Finding Dory. Each one runs about 2 to 3 minutes with a couple of them lasting just a bit longer.

In the first one, titled “To Fitness and Beyond”, Buzz Lightyear holds an aerobics class for Bonnie’s toys. It’s hilarious to see Buzz dance during the work-out! Another funny moment features Hamm trying to get up off the floor to begin the work-out. Mr. Potato Head struggles to keep from losing his body parts, and it’s all Forky can do to maintain his balance.

In the second episode, titled “Unparalleled Parking”, all the vehicles from the Cars movie have a friendly parallel parking competition. This includes the famous red car, the fire truck, the sheriff’s car, and a school bus. Let’s just say it isn’t a walk in the park as the vehicles attempt to parallel park.

In the third one, titled “Dory Finding”, Dory finds a lot of trinkets at the bottom of the ocean including a whistle, glasses, and a mirror. She has all sorts of fun trying to blow the whistle under water and it’s quite funny when she makes faces at herself in the mirror. When she puts a shell on her head to resemble a turban, the viewer will not be able to hold back a laugh.

In the fourth episode, called “Soul of the City”, a homage to the traditions of the black culture are featured, such as a man heading off to work, a street musician playing for a little change, and a character playing the piano.

In episode five, titled “Fluffy Stuff” with Ducky and Bunny: Love shows the two competing with words over who kids will love more of the two of them. They defend their best qualities ad prove to be quite good at arguing their point.

The sixth episode is titled “Chore Day-The Incredibles Way”, and to see the super- heroes attempt every day chores is quite humorous. The baby uses his laser eyes and trims the tops of trees! One of the heroes uses her stretching ability to clean hard-to-reach spots on a large window. One of the most comedic moments features the kid that can turn to fire making sure the family barbeque is a success as they toast marshmallows!

Episode seven is called “A Day in the Life of the Dead” and is definitely a side-splitter. It’s just an average day in the afterlife but is incredibly funny. The viewer will see skeletons riding bikes, a dog-like animal fetching and bringing a skeleton his missing hand, and a skeleton standing on top of his own skull in order to reach a tall height to leave a candle. And one poor skeleton loses his jaw while eating a piece of cake for lunch. Another one is attempting to do chin-ups and finally lets go of his bottom half to make life easier.

Writing about or reading about these episodes is still not like actually viewing them, and the funny escapades continue in episode eight, titled Fluffy Stuff with Ducky and Bunny: Three Heads. The three-headed sheep are made the source of jokes as they are called mutant sheep and one character wonders if people at the toy factory simply said, “Just ship it!”

In episode nine, called “Dancing with the Cars”, the various vehicles dance with moves that no one has ever seen before. They dance in the café parking lot and leave in a congo line. Finally, in the tenth and final episode, “Cookie Num Num”, it’s midnight and snack time, and soon a competition ensues for the last cookie. Will Dad get it? Or son or daughter? The ending features a surprise and a chuckle.

These shorts are, and excuse the pun, “incredible.” They are highly entertaining and imaginative and they easily earn our Dove seal for All ages.

The Dove Take:

Watching these shorts together is a great way for your family to share some fun and laughter and to be totally entertained.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: There are some examples of characters who work well together and make good choices.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Some friendly disagreement between a few characters.


Company: Disney+
Genre: Serials/Shorts
Runtime: 2 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.