My Valentine

My Valentine


Debra Shank runs a tight ship at her homegrown garden center. One of the busiest times of year is the week leading up to Valentine’s day, and her daughter, Catherine, is ready to take her place in the company. Full of energy and big ideas she arrives guns blazing for higher sales and better profits. But when 600 more pallets of flowers are accidentally ordered, Catherine is forced to team up with Jack to run a contest pitting neighbor against neighbor, while Debra schemes to make as much profit as possible.

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

It’s natural for a mother to want the best for her daughter, but all parents must face the fact that their children may not interpret life in the same way they do. This is a story of just such conflict, and how gentle persuasion and good examples can break down harshness and greediness while still accomplishing the same goals with kindness and consideration — all while shot in beautiful Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada!

Debra Shank (Karen Kruper) is all about profits at the expense of thoughtfulness and neighborly kindness. Catherine (Ashley Newbrough), Debra’s daughter, arrives brandishing a PhD in Psychology/Human Behavior, a degree in business from Cornell and is ready to shake things up at the garden center. Jack Peterson (Jon Cor), head of operations, is a devoted employee who takes his work seriously, looks after his aging parents, and has a fun sense of humor that not everyone appreciates. When Catherine puts Jack on the spot, he tries humor, but she is not impressed … especially when he calls her “Kate”!

To add to his stress, his co-worker Ron (Madison Smith) accidentally orders 600 more pallets of flowers than expected. In hot water, and almost forced to pay for the flowers himself, Jack teams up with Catherine and creates a contest. As a way of selling the extra stock, the contest asks residents of Valentine, Oregon, to design the best Valentine’s Day Garden ever– for a chance to win a back yard makeover. But when Debra discovers the enormous cost of such a prize, she connives to “rig” the contest. When Catherine discovers the hardships being caused by her mother, she is torn between her devotion to her mother and doing the right thing.

When the day of the contest arrives, and while on national TV, Catherine takes matters into her own hands and makes all the right decisions for the company, the townspeople, and for her future happiness.

This film is Dove-approved for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

With Valentine’s Day as the backdrop, this lovely movie reminds us that we must show those we love that we care, and reinforces that true happiness comes by making decisions with integrity and kindness.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Jack is very devoted to his aging parents, kind and understanding, his father has dementia; Jack is conscientious and considerate of everyone; Ron is loved by everyone in town and volunteers for various organizations and has a heart of gold; Catherine breaks away from her mother’s profit-above-all attitude and does the right thing for the community.
Sex: Gentle kissing and hugs.
Language: Mother is called a “cheat.”
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Debra is cold and unfeeling and pushes her daughter to be the same and tries to “rig” the competition in her favor.


Company: Nasser Group North
Producer: Jack Nasser
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 92 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.