Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret

Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret


A story of friends old and new, of being lost but most importantly being found. Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret follows Briar as he is whisked away from the home he knows and plunged head first into the ranks of a traveling circus. The struggling circus, led by Hugo the Gorilla, is on its last leg and in desperate need of a boost. Frustrated with his brother, Bramble, and the rest of his forest friends, Briar finds a new and welcoming home among Wolfgang’s Big Top. Briar brings life back to the circus and quickly finds happiness in his new life filled with new friends and fame. While rising to the top has its benefits, it also comes with a price. After searching high and low, Bramble and his forest friends are thrilled to have found their lost Briar, but Briar is not so sure that he wants to be found. He doesn’t want to leave his perfect new life at the big top but even the most perfect-seeming things have dark sides. Through trials and chases and trains, all of the animals learn what it is to belong and the true meaning of family.

Dove Review

Dreams and secrets! That’s what this Boonie Bears adventure is all about. Appropriately named The Big Top Secret, much of the excitement and story takes place under a circus big top, and underneath the tent are energetic acts which incorporate an elephant, baby kangaroo (appropriately named Jo Jo), a parrot and raccoon. One of the songs is called, fittingly, Dreams will come true.

A flood has left Pine Tree Mountain in a jam but Briar, always dependable during the difficult times, has disappeared. Where has he gone? Bramble goes in search of his brother, not realizing Briar has found fame in the circus. Yet there seems to be hidden secrets in the circus. A gorilla named Hugo seems to be one of the keys to unlocking the secret. In a nice sequence Briar and Hugo, who don’t start out on the right foot, become friends by the conclusion and Briar even tells him the circus people are his “family.”

The various circus acts are fascinating to watch, with young Jo Jo doing a flying trapeze act, and lots of other acts featuring the animals. This is a lot of silly fun which is sure to bring a smile to every viewer’s face.

There are, however, a few tense moments, such as when a couple of bad guys gang up on Vick, one with a rifle with sleeping darts. Will Vick escape unscathed? Logger Vick has not been pleasing some of the characters recently, having received an order from his boss to cut down more trees, which is never popular with the residents of Pine Tree Mountain. He already has had run-ins with the bears before, but then Bramble gets on his case again in this exciting adventure.

One of the interesting aspects of this movie is to see the animals act as human beings, rehearsing for their circus acts, and dealing with difficulties just as the humans do. And the secrets begin to unfold. Does Vick recognize a young girl named Lola? And what has Hugo been keeping a secret?

This show has a good balance of chase scenes, peppy music, secrets, and funny moments which will bring both smiles and laughter to your face. There is nothing in the content which is over-the-top, so it merits our Dove seal for All Ages.

The Dove Take:

What a fun ride! These bears and other characters will keep you watching and expecting the unexpected!

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Some characters help turn bad characters around and help one another out.
Sex: None
Language: Butts, Loser, Brats
Violence: Physical comedy including chase scenes, and falls, etc. A character holds a rifle with sleeping darts in it on a character.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Tension between characters; secret plots.


Company: Cinedigm
Writer: Tachi Cui (as Tiezhi Cui), Qin Wan, Rachel Xu (as Yun Xu)
Director: Leon Ding (as Ding Liang)
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 99 min.
Reviewer: Ed C.