Each year, Sarah builds her “Snow Beau” snowman with her best friend Nick. After another breakup, she begins to wonder if she’ll ever find a true love of her own. A little Christmas magic brings her Snow Beau to life and she believes he has finally arrived.

Dove Review

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Eleven-year-old Sarah is crushed when a group of boys push her snowman over. Nick, her best friend, helps her to assemble it again as she describes the qualities she wants in a boyfriend. As the years pass, Sarah (Ashley Newbrough) and Nick (Adam Hurtig) continue to build the traditional Christmas “Snow Beau” every year as Sarah waits for the man of her dreams. Nick is the epitome of support and caring and goes along with Sarah as she continues to romanticize over finding that special someone who will sweep her off her feet.

Overnight, some fantasy Christmas magic brings her Snow Beau to life, as the handsome and perfectly romantic Cole (Jesse Hutch) arrives at her doorstep. Sarah is mesmerized! Nick is crushed! When Sarah’s boss hires Nick to illustrate the magazine’s important Christmas issue and appoints Sarah as the writer, they will work together. But wait — Sarah has a lunch date with the perfect Cole! Nick is more than disappointed but feigns excitement for Sarah’s sake, and is left to work on his own. When Cole picks Sarah up in a horse-drawn carriage, Sarah is over the moon! Her true love has arrived!

As she and Cole share what’s important to them, Sarah can’t believe her ears! Everything she ever wanted is exactly what Cole can give her. Nick is disbelieving, skeptical and visibly upset. As Sarah and Cole’s relationship progresses, Nick must make a courageous decision to ensure his future happiness with a full-blown confession of his feelings, or risk losing the one thing most important to him since the 5th grade! And will Sarah realize where her true love really is and see her future happiness through fresh eyes?

The Dove Take:

Love is not always a “spark.” It can be a “slow burn,” and to know when the right one comes along is an exclusive job for the heart, not a fantasy dream, and … may be right there in front of you! Dove-approved for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: Sarah’s dad is an loving and caring mentor; Nick is kind, generous and supportive.
Sex: Gentle kissing and hugs.
Language: None
Violence: Two men have a rival rough snowball fight.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Man’s bare torso but not sensual
Other: None


Company: Black Watch Entertainment
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.