Marry Me This Christmas

Marry Me This Christmas


Daniel English, a big-hearted, energetic, buoyant pastor returns to his hometown church to take over for his mentor and falls for a parishioner. When out of the blue she asks him, “Will you marry me?” Pastor Daniel is thrilled — until he realizes she is asking him to officiate her wedding with someone else.

Dove Review

**This review is contributed by Super Channel—a channel dedicated to providing integrity and accountability in today’s entertainment.

As the congregation arrives, a homeless man sits under a tree begging for food. No one pays attention and he is shunned. The entire congregation is ready, the new guy is very late, and the retiring preacher must go on yet again. As the service begins, the homeless man enters the church, tries to find a seat, but no one will allow him to sit in their pew. Suddenly he loudly interrupts and begins to tell a story that shocks the congregation.

Daniel English (Brandon Jay McLaren) is a brilliant pastor, doing good everywhere with his kind words and deeds. As he helps a family cope with a life-ending disease, he becomes very close to them and to Angela (Gabrielle Graham) the beautiful daughter who is engaged to Monty Fassbeck (Kareem Alleyne).

Pastor Daniel is coming to terms with being in love with Angela and struggles with how to tell her and even more crucial, should he tell her? Angela’s family and Daniel all know Monty is not the right person for her, but he must do his duty and perform the marriage ceremony as promised.

It’s the wedding day. The church is full of guests. Angela is walking down the aisle. Monty is waiting. Daniel is a mess as he berates himself for his lack of intestinal fortitude, but will his heart help him to make the right decision before it’s too late? And how is that possible when it will all be over in just a few minutes?

The Dove Take:

“There is kindness to be found everywhere but it’s better to be honest with words that sound kind, than with words that sound honest.” A lively and entertaining movie with a great script, good cast, and excellent on-screen chemistry. Dove approved for 12+ due to some language.

Content Description

Faith: Faithful congregation praises God; grace said at mealtime; congregation sings hymns; the pastor is kind and sets an example of goodness through countless generous deeds, helps a thief who is a war veteran to redeem himself, comforts the sick; Angela’s family is loving and supports each other; the parishioners truly love their church and community and are respectful and God-fearing.
Integrity: The Pastor is full of heart and goodness and faithful to the parishioners and community through his personal devotion to God; Angela is loyal to her family and takes care of her dying father; the parishioners abide by the moral rules of their church
Sex: Gentle kissing.
Language: Pastor says, “I’m going to Hell” as a twinge of conscience; “all Hell’s going to break loose”; Pastor says, “friggin’ bongo” referring to patting a baby; “holy mother ... God!” said in disgust as baby vomits on man; knuckleheadX1; “you’re a wuss(ie); “I swear to God,” said by the Pastor in frustration
Violence: Daniel and Monty engage in rough play over basketball and take a painful hit from each other; Daniel is attacked in the church and knocked to the floor but is OK.
Drugs: Wine at mealtime.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Angela dances in a full-body black leotard in front of Daniel preparing for her wedding dance and asks him to dance with her.


Company: Fella Films
Director: Megan Follows
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.