A Christmas Dance Reunion

A Christmas Dance Reunion


When New York attorney Lucy Mortimer is invited to a Christmas farewell at the Winterleigh Resort (the hotel where her family has celebrated holidays in the past) she is reunited with her childhood dance partner, Barrett. As the two get to know each other again, they create a plan to give the resort a final goodbye by holding everyone’s favorite event, the Christmas Dance.

Dove Review

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Lucy (Monique Coleman), big city lawyer, is home for the holidays but with Dad now gone, she and Mom Virginia (Kim Roberts) decide to accept the invitation to the last Christmas farewell at Winterleigh Resort where their family spent many a happy time when she was a child. Arriving at the beautiful hotel, she is pleasantly surprised to meet her childhood dance partner, Barrett (Corbin Bleu) behind the desk, just here for the holidays to help his Uncle Hank (Roy Lewis) out. The hotel is closing, and Lucy and her mom are saddened to hear there will never be another Christmas Dance event, a long-time tradition. Times have changed and this elaborate celebration is no longer viable.

As Lucy and Barrett reconnect and talk about how well they danced together, Barrett reveals he is a professional dancer now and loving it even more than when he was a kid. Barrett turns on the music, and gracefully leads Lucy into a fluid and gentle dance down memory lane, and both are taken aback by how easy and comfortable that was as they share this exquisite moment after so many years.

Lucy reminisces over guests’ comments about how much they all loved the Christmas Dance event, and she suggests she will help to put on one last dance and reach out to the people who loved it, but more importantly, to the kids who are now adults…to relive the happy time of years ago. Even though the obstacles seem insurmountable…reservations are down and the budget is not there, Lucy insists they can save the hotel and rallies everyone to pitch in. With help from a guest TV reporter and some clever social media, guests arrive in droves and Uncle Hank could not be more pleased.

When Uncle Hank offers Lucy a job, Lucy is torn between wanting to fill a missing void in her life and her feelings for Barrett that she fears may not be mutual. Lucy must make decisions that will seriously impact her career and her happiness of the heart.

The Dove Take:

This is such a happy movie where good things happen to good people and love is in the Christmas air. Delightfully entertaining for the entire family and Dove approved for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: Celebration of Christian Christmas
Integrity: Barrett is sweet, kind, and loyal to his uncle and truly a good person; Lucy is determined to make everyone’s dreams come true and save the resort; Virginia is supportive, compassionate, and encouraging and a good role model for her daughter.
Sex: Gentle kissing and hugs; cleavage
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: Champagne at the Christmas Dance; no abuse of alcohol or inappropriate behavior
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Brain Power Studio Inc.
Producer: Myles Milne
Genre: Romance
Runtime: 88 min.
Reviewer: Carole H.