What Planet Are You From?

Theatrical Release: March 3, 2000
What Planet Are You From?


A technologically advanced planet inhabited only by males is trying to achieve universal domination and sets its targets on Earth as its next victim. They must send one representative of their species to Earth to impregnate a woman. After considerable training and tests, the chosen one (Garry Shandling) is sent to our planet and becomes Harold Anderson, a banker in Arizona.
Harold hits on every woman he sees, thinking his task will be completed in a couple of days but finds that his training didn’t quite prepare him for life on Earth. He finally meets a woman named Susan (Annette Bening) and decides she’s the one, only she won’t have sex until she is married. So Harold marries her, and she gets pregnant soon thereafter.
As soon as the baby is born, the leader of Harold’s planet (Ben Kingsley) is waiting to take him back, along with the baby. But Harold is beginning to like earth and love his new family.

Dove Review

The movie was actually quite funny; with a positive statement about the importance of waiting for sex until you are married. Unfortunately, the language and adult situations make it inappropriate for children and many Christians. After all, the main character’s mission in the movie is to have sex with and impregnate the first woman who is willing. He even marries a woman after one date just to have sex with her. Susan says she is searching for a higher power but is not sure if it’s God. Harold tells her that you can’t prove God exists, so why look? Also, Harold has a humming noise that comes from a certain part of his pants when he is aroused, which cause members of the audience to focus on that part of the male anatomy.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: None
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Columbia Tri-Star Pictures
Director: Mike Nichols
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 100 min.
Reviewer: Phil Boatwright