Orson Welles: One-Man Band

Network Premier: May 6, 2001
Orson Welles: One-Man Band


This is a documentary of Orson Welles’ later, uncompleted work. You will get glimpses of his work that was never before show, and that includes his infamous “F for Fake”, “The Other Side of the Wind”, “Filming Othello”, “The Deep”, “Merchant of Venice”, and the wierd and rythmic film version of him reading the great classic “Moby Dick”. While not a true documentary of him as a person, it is more a tour of his unfinished works from the 60’s to the 80’s, and a tribute to him via the 1975 AFI awards. The clips and information are delivered and restored for us thanks to director, narrarator, producer Peter Bogdanovich, and we also get a peek inside the personal life of Wells thanks to his life long muse Oja Kador. This documentary will air at 6:05 p.m. on May 6, 2001 on Showtime.

Dove Review

As a film-student, I found this documentary fascinating, yet at sometimes garrilous and indecisive. the scenes where Wells talks to film students is informative and helpful. This documentary is a must-see for all Wells fans. The only drawback: some nudity and a sex scene from his later work. Without this, the picture would have been fine for the whole family. Older adults interested in film studies should definetly catch this, or if your child is over the age of 14, watch with discretion.

Content Description

One G.D. and one "what the hell"; Nudity: female frontal nudity on three occasions, while the scenes were obscured, the last was a fairly graphic sex scene (obscured greatly due to film stock and editing technique). Other than that it was clean, yet surrealistic.


Company: Showtime Networks, Inc.
Writer: Vassili Silovic and Roland Zag
Director: Oja Kodar and Vassili Silovic
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: TV-14
Starring: Peter Bogdanovich (narrator), Oja Kador, and Orson Welles, amongst many others from the various clips.
Reviewer: Kyle Peck