Theatrical Release: March 26, 2002
DVD Release: March 26, 2002


While promising to open the door to an entirely new type of warfare, a top-secret Pentagon experiment designed to unleash paranormal powers suddenly goes out of control. At the same time, an observatory in the Sierra Nevada Mountains receives a confirmed extraterrestrial signal.

With evidence that the two are somehow connected, Colonel David Garrett (Louis Gossett Jr.) rushes, with a team of commandos, to the observatory. Meanwhile, the billionaire who has funded the observatory gathers his own team, with the goal of immediately sharing the signal with the entire world.

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the signal has a dark secret – and an even more ominous source. Before long, a trail of envy, lust, greed and anger explodes into a sinister world of murder and betrayal. There is only one way out, but even if they can see it, will they believe it?

Dove Review

While the characters are dealing with an evil force, one woman, whose Christian faith is strong, is protected from the control this evil has on the others. She shares her objection toward the radio evangelist’s view that we can all “achieve Godhood,” and she declares to a man she loves that God alone can send this evil back where it came from. Through prayer, she handles the trials involved in this situation, and trusts God to protect her and prevent this signal from being shared with others. She doesn’t ever physically take matters into her own hands, but depends on her faith that God is in control and asks for His help.

“Deceived” is an extraordinary look at regular people put into an extreme situation; and it’s about how only a believer in Christ can really resist the deception of sin. With a star-studded cast, “Deceived” is filled with suspense, action and the power of faith.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: D-1
Violence: Shows blood on tunnel wall, later two dead men found hanging from ceiling; man shoots himself in the stomach five times and falls dead, blood is left on wall as well as on the character; desk falls on hamster and a pool of blood runs from under it; man smacks a woman; man and woman push each other; man attacked with knife and his hand is cut; two people shot to death.
Drugs: Man drinks and becomes drunk.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Cloud Ten Pictures
Genre: Religion
Runtime: 99 min.
Reviewer: Linda Eagle