Sing Along Songs: Brother Bear On My Way

Theatrical Release: January 5, 2004
DVD Release: January 5, 2004
Sing Along Songs: Brother Bear On My Way


Sing, dance, and play along with these Disney songs. The lyrics are also right on the screen. Children dance along too, teaching new dance moves. The two moose from “Brother Bear” (Rutt and Tuke) find clues through the songs to find Kenai and Koda at the Salmon Run.

Song list:

On My Way from “Brother Bear”

Try Again from “101 Dalmations II”

Following the Leader from “Peter Pan”

Go The Distance from “Hercules”

I’m Still Here from “Treasure Planet”

Digga Tunnah from “Lion King 1½”

On the Open Road from “A Goofy Movie”

Aloha, E Komo Mai from “Stitch! The Movie”

Welcome from “Brother Bear”

Bonus material:

Karaoke, Word Recognition Game, Letter Puzzle Spelling Activity, What’s This? Early Reading Challenge, and Three Dance-Along Songs.

Dove Review

In the song “On My Way,” Kenai is rude to Koda. When Koda sings, Kenai keeps trying to shut him up, physically and verbally. It’s neat though to see how all the animals get along so well with each other — whether large or small.

From “Try Again,” there are car scenes where Cruella DeVille is chasing the puppies (who drive a London bus). There are bad guys running in their boxer shorts. A bus drives over a bank and flies into the water on top of Cruella and bad guys. Nobody is shown getting hurt however.

In “Go the Distance,” Hercules goes to the Temple of Zeus, also known as the temple of the Gods. Hercules expresses much love toward his adoptive parents!

“Treasure Planet” appears to be about a boy who, as a child, is neglected by his father who eventually leaves (leaving him and his mother crying). The song is about the boy building a “fatherly friendship” with a non-typical male.

In “On the Open Road,” Goofy and his son aren’t getting along very well. Goofy’s son is embarrassed by his dad. Goofy’s driving is terrible. He hits a pedestal on a highway sending some highway workers falling.

In “Welcome,” Kenai lies to Koda saying he won’t leave when he intends to do so. When the other bears find out, however, they welcome him to their family time. The bears share their fish with each other.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: None
Language: Dirtbags-1; Hurl-1.
Violence: An electrocuting animal chases Lilo and Stitch, shooting electricity; bad guy chases Lilo and Stitch in a spaceship shooting at them with lasers; a bus drives over a bank and flies into the water on top of Cruella and bad guys.
Drugs: None
Nudity: The "Goofy Movie" song shows busty girls with a little cleavage; the "Dalmations" song has bad guys running in their boxer shorts.
Other: A dead guy pops out of a coffin and, zombie-like, sings along to one of the songs; Goofy's driving is terrible, and at one point he hits a pedestal sending highway workers flying; Stitch saws a buffet table in half with a chainsaw; a moose says that his brother has a big nose and an ugly face.


Company: Buena Vista Home Video
Genre: Children
Runtime: 44 min.
Reviewer: Linda Eagle