Sin City

Theatrical Release: April 1, 2005
Sin City


An adaptation of Frank Miller’s collection of dark stories, Sin City in many ways is a marvelous piece of art. The use of shadow and light are suddenly broken when splashes of brilliant colors draw attention and add intensity to an otherwise black-and-white film. This action thriller delves into the corruption and crime that infests a madly evil place called Basin City. John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) is a police officer who seeks to save an 11-year-old girl (Makenzie Vega) from being tortured, raped, killed and eaten by Junior Rafferty (Nick Stahl), a child predator whose goal in every offense is to make his prey scream. A brute of a man, named Marv (Mickey Rourke), seeks revenge for the murder of his girlfriend no matter what the cost. Others residents of Basin City are an exotic dancer (Jessica Alba), a creepy cannibal (Elijah Wood) and a misguided Catholic priest (Rutger Hauer). There is no relief from the evil, death or morbid depths of depravity in Sin City.

Dove Review

This movie was an atrocious waste of a remarkable cast which reads like a guest list at the Emmy’s. Quentin Taratino was only an assistant director but this film evidences his style. I found myself lost at times trying to follow all three stories in the plot, which was made difficult by the “Tarantino-like” cinematography (each storyline is not started at the beginning, but rather in the middle or end and fills back to the original point in time). Like I stated above, this movie should have been much better considering the remarkable cast. There is no gambling in this sin city (except for the two hours and $7.50 for seeing this show).

The comic book this movie is designed after is one of the more violent comics. It should be no surprise that “Sin City” falls short of Dove approval. The amount of violence in this film was almost laughable, especially since the characters that seemed to be killed several times kept bouncing back. There was even a scene where a man was shot with an arrow through his midsection and turned to his counterparts and made humorous comments regarding his condition. Included with the violence are some nude scenes and a truckload of vulgar language, ninety-eight instances to be exact. If “Sin City” was in your destination, I strongly suggest finding an alternative route.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Fornication (breasts shown), city of prostitutes, hookers standing street-side,
Language: 22 H, 29 D, 13 B, 2 S, 4 A, 10 G/GD, 2 J/JC, 9 Bastards, 4 Whores, 1 OMG, D*ckwad, Slut.
Violence: Way too much blood. Numerous people shot, body parts (hand, ear, man’s genitals) shot off, machine guns, axe to man’s groin and face, man executed, wall mounted with human heads, man hit with pipe, countless people punched.
Drugs: Lots of smoking, some drinking, person taking pills for drug use.
Nudity: Breasts shown in some scenes, woman shown completely nude, woman with see through shirt. Woman in seductive pajamas and bra
Other: None


Company: Miramax Pictures
Writer: Frank Miller
Genre: Action
Runtime: 126 min.
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge