Spy Game – Edited

Theatrical Release: July 13, 2005
DVD Release: July 13, 2005


Complications arise on the last day of work for a veteran CIA agent (Robert Redford) when he must organize the rescue of a young protégé (Brad Pitt) who has been captured by the Chinese while on a personal mission. Spy Game centers on the mentor/protégé relationship between Nathan Muir (Robert Redford), a jaded CIA agent on the verge of retirement, and Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt), a young idealist. On his latest mission, in Beijing, Bishop has been captured by the Chinese government. With only 24 hours until his execution, the CIA is attempting to distance themselves from Bishop so that this international incident will not endanger trade talks. Muir, on the other hand, is appalled by the idea of hanging Bishop out to dry, and covertly develops a plan to affect a rescue. Meanwhile, Muir must relate his entire history with Bishop – how they met, why the older man recruited the younger one, and which missions they worked on together – in front of a room full of CIA bigwigs.

Dove Review

The original movie was rated R for language, some violence and brief sexuality. Because it was categorized as a thriller, Hollywood thinks that it could not be interesting if they didn’t throw a little crudeness around. But this edited version has taken a fast-paced and intriguing story, taken out all of the foul and nasty language, the graphic violence and bloodshed, and the flagrant sexuality to make this movie even better than what it was to begin with. There are no plot points take out, and the movie is still greatly entertaining, maybe even more so with all of the added filth taken out of it. Its a really good movie if you like suspense and thrillers. And the edited version is approved for all ages.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Nothing shown
Language: Edited out
Violence: Nothing graphic
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Universal Pictures
Director: Tony Scott
Genre: Action
Runtime: 127 min.
Reviewer: Kadie Lukens