Red Eye

Theatrical Release: August 19, 2005
DVD Release: January 10, 2006
Red Eye


Lisa Reisert hates to fly, but the terror that awaits her on the night flight to Miami has nothing to do with a fear of flying. Moments after takeoff, Lisa’s seatmate, Jackson, menacingly reveals the real reason he’s on board: He is an operative in a plot to kill a rich and powerful businessman, and Lisa is the key to its success. If she refuses to cooperate, an assassin awaiting a call from Jackson will kill her father. Trapped within the confines of a jet at 30,000 feet, Lisa has nowhere to run and no way to summon help without endangering her father, her fellow passengers and her own life. As the miles tick by, Lisa knows she is running out of time. She desperately looks for a way to thwart her ruthless captor and stop a terrible murder.

Dove Review

This film is very well written, but it fails to cause any anxiety. I just wasn’t convinced that Lisa was ever in any real danger, but the movie is well produced. Also, Cillian Murphy delivers a good performance as the villain. Some of his facial expressions and antics would be intimidating to anyone. I was glad to see that none of the scenes were over the top, but a couple elements would be extremely difficult to accomplish, such as manipulating the seating arrangements on a plane.

This film misses its flight to a Dove approval due to language. There are also some scenes of violence, none of which that are explicit. Be sure to avoid this “Red Eye” at your local theatres.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Woman makes reference to a man "taking care" of her grandma. Couple references to implied sex in an airplane bathroom, even though they are not in there for that reason.
Language: 1 F, 9 S, 4 A, 1 D, 1 H, 3 OMG, 1 G, s*cks.
Violence: Man head butts woman, man stabbed with pen, man shot (blood on shirt shown), missile blows up part of building.
Drugs: Man and woman have drink at airport bar, woman explains she had too much to drink..
Nudity: Woman shown from waist-up in bra
Other: None


Company: DreamWorks
Director: Wes Craven
Producer: Chris Bender
Genre: Suspense
Runtime: 85 min.
Reviewer: Bradley B. Klinge