Two for the Money

Theatrical Release: October 7, 2005
DVD Release: January 17, 2006
Two for the Money


Laid back Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) can’t pursue his dream of playing pro football after suffering a serious knee injury. Living in Las Vegas, he works for a sports bookie and has an uncanny ability to pick winners. His reputation catches the attention of Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), owner of the largest sports-betting agency in the world, who lures Brandon to work for him in New York. Soon Brandon gets caught up in a fast-moving, intense competition of making millions for his boss while living a life of luxury. Walter becomes a father figure with a dark side who manipulates everyone close to him except Toni (Rene Russo), his wife. Brandon begins to lose his touch, and with millions on the line, the games become deadly. The only questions are when and who will be destroyed. Two for the Money keeps viewers guessing with surprises and twists.

Dove Review

I don’t know why good actors even want to be in films like this. The entire film is depressing and negative. It deals with greed, one of man’s worst attributes. Walter Abrams plays off of other people’s gambling addiction and doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. In one scene Walter, who is in the gambling business, even shows up at a “Gambler’s Anonymous” meeting, gives a speech and hands out his business card.

This film is so far from being family-friendly it’s not even funny. It’s not even sending-your-worst-enemy-to see-it friendly. The language is utterly disgusting. The lifestyle and attitude of Walter Abrams is disgusting. I bet this one bombs at the box office even with the high powered talented cast.

Content Description

Faith: None
Integrity: None
Sex: Man and woman shown having sex; man buys hooker for another man; man passionately kisses another mans wife
Language: H-13; F-73; S-18; A-11; G.D.-4; J.C-1; OG-2; OMG; Ff*rt; Slang for woman's breast; B-2.
Violence: Man knocked off his bike and held against his will while a man urinates on him; man's leg gets broken.
Drugs: Smoking, drinking.
Nudity: Woman's breasts are shown.
Other: Gambling shown in somewhat positive light; people take financial advantage of others.


Company: Universal Pictures
Writer: Dan Gilroy
Director: D.J. Caruso
Producer: Jay Cohen
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 122 min.
Reviewer: Dave Lukens